Man With Supernatural Abilities–Wolf Messing

In this article, we want to introduce you to a mysterious character. His mind-reading skills amazed both Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud; his accurate prediction ability made Hitler offer a reward of 200,000 marks for his head; and his hypnotism terrified Stalin. He was the supernatural master with the title of “The World’s Greatest Psychic”

Paradigm Mall JB

Malls That Are Worth Visiting in JB

We can now travel to Johor Bahru (JB) freely, much like before COVID. It’s always been a great destination to shop for groceries, get a manicure or new hairdo, watch movies and even have fun at karaoke with friends and family. Here are some tips for you to shop at JB. Local products that are

Consciousness and inner energy

Consciousness and Inner Energy—The Power To Change The World

Most of us think of consciousness as a product of the brain that governs our limbs and senses. If someone said that the human consciousness has a higher level of energy, which can not only change the human body, but also the surrounding environment, and can even determine the fate of people , wouldn’t it

Anastasia—The Woman Who Communicated With Squirrels in the Siberian Forests

Anastasia, perhaps the most mysterious woman in the world, has lived with her family in the deep forests of Siberia for generations, but knows the past and present of the civilised world. They have no shelter, little clothing, and no food storage. They are descendants of the ethnic groups that have lived here for thousands

Vadim Zoubovski

A Taste of Eastern Europe

SINGAPORE—The Russian owner of is donating 10 per cent of his restaurant’s sales in deliveries for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Vadim Zoubovski, 51, has not lived a day without fearing for the safety of his family and relatives in Kyiv and parts of Ukraine since the war broke out in February. He is a

Rediscovering Katong Laksa

Like Hainanese chicken rice or chili crab, laksa has long been considered a defining signature dish of the Singapore identity. Derived from the Persian word for noodle (lakhsha), laksa comprises thick chewy rice noodles served in spicy coconut milk soup packed with ingredients such as cockles, large prawns, and sliced fish cake. Other varieties available

david copperfield great wall of china

The Mystery of David Copperfield and the Great Wall of China

In 1986, the famous American magician David Copperfield came to China to perform a penetration trick across the Great Wall, entering from one side of the Badaling section of the Great Wall in full view, and exiting from the other side after about a minute and a half. For more than 30 years, countless people

body emit light

Do Our Bodies Emit Light?

You may have seen ancient and modern paintings depicting gods, Buddhas and saints in halos. In the form of light, some halos are soft and delicate, and others are bright and radiant. Most people assume halos to be artistic exaggerations to portray the greatness of divine beings, but how accurate are such assumptions? People with

Scholastic Online Learning for Teaching Your Kids At Home

Using Scholastic Online Learning with Kids at Home Are you a parent in Singapore who has children at home because of the coronavirus? Are you looking for free and trusted resources online to help your child learn? Scholastic has been helping children learn for generations and has free resources for parents of children from preschool

Food Stockpiling Started in Singapore as DORSCON Level Raises to Orange

7 February 2020 Singapore has raised the DORSCON level to orange today, which indicates a situation where the disease is severe and spreads easily from person to person.   See the chart below from the Ministry of Health. This follows from three new confirmed cases today that have no links to previous cases or have no

Pope Jai Thai: Good Food, Good Service, Greater Cause

For many entrepreneurs, conceiving and building a unique business idea from the ground up is not easy. But the restaurant Pope Jai Thai is one of those rare, up-worthy businesses that have stood the test of time. Some might know Pope Jai Thai, as one that serves good food and employs those with special needs.

10 Cool Christmas Gadgets for Guys

By Vibrant Dot Staff No more generic mugs and stocking-stuffers for your guy friends this Christmas! We have shortlisted 10 cheap, practical and ultra-useful gifts that will make him remember your kindness and thoughtfulness, at least till Christmas next year!   1. Self-stirring mugs (for an efficient boss) The self-stirring cup tops our list this

japanese aromatherapy

A Note on Japanese Aromatherapy

When we think of aromatherapy, we usually think of an afternoon of massage in a spa, with scents and oils. Well, aromatherapy is more than that. It has a long history of usage in human civilization, from Egypt to Greece, and from Rome to China. And they usually have origin stories that are quite legendary.


Is Kayaking Really Dangerous? Get To Know The 9 Real Dangers of Kayaking

On August 8 2019, two Singaporeans went missing while kayaking in Malaysia. The couple were separated from their 13-people group and had been missing since then. It was only until the 6th day when the body of the woman had been found. However, the authorities called off the search operation for the man on the

Part-Time Maids in Singapore

Part-Time Maids in Singapore

While full-time domestic helpers are indispensable to many Singaporean families, there are a growing number of households who find it difficult to justify hiring a full-time maid. These include those who live alone, or families whose adult children are rarely at home. For such households, who only need a little domestic help, hiring a part-time

Celebrities used all kinds of tricks to open a bottle. And she used her VOICE!

[New Tang Dynasty News, July 09, 2019] A wave of “Bottle Cap Challenge” (#BottleCapChallenge) has hit social media recently.  The basic idea of this challenge is to unscrew a bottle cap with a kick, without toppling the bottle itself. Many martial arts stars, models, celebrity actors and singers have since attempted the challenge, showing off

Min Ziqian (闵子骞)

Dizi Gui (弟子规): The Highest Level of Filial Piety

弟子规 弟子规,圣人训。首孝弟,次谨信。 泛爱众,而亲仁。有余力,则学文。 父母呼,应勿缓,父母命,行勿懒。 父母教,须敬听,父母责,须顺承。 冬则温,夏则凊,晨则省,昏则定。 出必告,反必面,居有常,业无变。 事虽小,勿擅为,苟擅为,子道亏。 物虽小,勿私藏,苟私藏,亲心伤。 亲所好,力为具,亲所恶,谨为去。 身有伤,贻亲忧,德有伤,贻亲羞。 亲爱我,孝何难,亲憎我,孝方贤。 亲有过,谏使更,怡吾色,柔吾声。 谏不入,悦复谏,号泣随,挞无怨。 亲有疾,药先尝,昼夜侍,不离床。 丧三年,常悲咽,居处变,酒肉绝。 丧尽礼,祭尽诚,事死者,如事生。 At Home, Be Dutiful to My Parents What parents like, make an effort to possess. What parents despise, carefully get rid of. Injury to one’s body brings parents worry. Injury to one’s character brings parents shame. When parents

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