Japanese Woman Loves Singapore Food So Much She Ate 7 Servings of Laksa, Chicken Rice & Kaya Toast

Youtube/Yuka Kinoshita
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Have you heard of Yuka Kinoshita? She is a Japanese Mukbang (eating show) YouTuber who has more than 5 million subscribers and is well known for her big appetite.

She recently just uploaded a video of her enjoying our local cuisine which was ordered from Singapore Holic Laksa, a Singaporean food restaurant that is based in Tokyo.

No wonder they say, “Never judge a book by its cover”.

This petite YouTuber is an avid eater. She ordered 7 servings of Singapore laksa, a big bowl of Hainanese chicken rice, and some kaya toast as dessert.

Despite knowing all these food were so high in calories (estimated 7000 calories), it didn’t stop Yuka from binging on our delicious local favourites.

Credit: Youtube/Yuka Kinoshita

First is the laksa.

The laksa consists of red soup, shrimps, coriander, thick noodles, bean sprouts and boiled eggs.

Credit: Youtube/Yuka Kinoshita

While slurping down the gigantic bowl of laksa, Yuka described the main highlight of the laksa soup was its strong taste of shrimp and its spices which made the whole thing flavourful and a little spicy.

Credit: Youtube/Yuka Kinoshita

Next, she tried out the chicken rice. The rice was savoury and was topped with chicken and some ginger and garlic mix.

Credit: Youtube/Yuka Kinoshita

While eating a spoonful of chicken rice, she then slurped down another spoonful of laksa soup. With a contented face, she further mentioned that the laksa soup went really well with the chicken rice, and hence explaining why she ordered one big bowl of it.

Credit: Youtube/Yuka Kinoshita

While finishing up the laksa, Yuka added that although thick noodle is her favourite, the one that matched the best with the laksa is this kind of medium-sized noodle.

Further expressing her satisfaction with the food, she said, “The best scenes in movies for most people is the goodbye scene, but for me it’s food.”

Credit: Youtube/Yuka Kinoshita

After finishing the bowl of laksa (including the soup) and the chicken rice, she headed for the dessert — kaya toast!

Credit: Youtube/Yuka Kinoshita

She first introduced it to her viewers by describing the kaya as “coconut paste or jam”. To Yuka, the butter did the magic and made it even more delicious.

With a bite of the Singaporean “dessert”, she was enlightened by the sweet and fruity flavour the kaya brought to her palate.

Credit: Youtube/Yuka Kinoshita

Shortly after her video was uploaded, there were many Singaporeans showing support and commenting,

“I’m so happy to see this!”

“I am glad you like the food!”

“Thank you for introducing our food and I’m glad that you enjoyed them so much!”

“7 bowls of laksa?!?! Even as a Singaporean and a laksa lover, I couldn’t eat that much laksa…”

You probably are wondering, how can a petite body stuff so much food in one go? With so much food, how could she maintain a thin figure all along? Well, let’s just say Yuka is on a whole different level.

But anyhow, we are glad that Yuka loves our local cuisine.

What do you think of Singaporean laksa? Which place is your favourite? Comment and let us know.

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Watch her video here:

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