Themed Hotels in Singapore to Take You to the Past

It’s a Blast to the Past in These Themed Hotels!

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 Julia Lachica 

Ever wanted to live in the past? All dressed in patterns and flared pants, sleeping next to neon signs?

Despite Singapore being such a small country, there are many places where you can have a blast to the past for a night or two and have a vintage evening all to yourself or with friends.

Here are some themed hotels in Singapore that will throw you back into the past, all under the price of S$200.

The Great Madras (rooms starting from $109/night)

This quaint little hotel is hidden in between buildings along Little India, staying hidden from most of the public eye.

This 60’s looking building gives off a cozy atmosphere inside and out. Staying true to its exterior aesthetic, The Great Madras’ interior will no doubt make you want to dress like Cher.

It’s complete with lettered tiles decorating the pool, multi-coloured carpets and wallpaper, and neon lights illuminating hallways.







Village Hotel Albert Court (rooms starting from $136/night)

Going a little further back the 60’s, Village Hotel Albert Court by Far East Hospitality is a great historical hotel filled with hints of Singapore’s history.

From its exterior to its interior, Village Hotel Albert Court is a mixture of peranakan and modern Singapore. The overall atmosphere of the hotel is both regal and minimalistic, making it the perfect place for photoshoots and weddings.

Fret not, Village Hotel Albert Court is also perfect for a staycation. Surrounded by numerous restaurants and hawkers, you will be coming back to your hotel room full and satisfied. If you opt for a more casual drink with your friends and/or family, the hotel has an in-house bar with modern furnishing.







The Scarlet Hotel (starting from $160/night)

Feel like an old Hollywood star in The Scarlet Hotel. Their extravagant and vivid décor will turn you into a Hollywood diva from the 50’s.

With hints of marble, silk and diamonds in both the interior and exterior, The Scarlet is perfect for elevating your inner diva. The colours of the hotel are both vivid yet mysterious at the same time. The hotel is practically screaming old Hollywood.

The rooms’ theme is made to be vivid and extravagant, from the wall detail to the small little décor that gives character to the room itself. The Scarlet is truly a hotel for you to feel pampered like an old Hollywood celebrity.






Credit: @shaunowyeong on Instagram

So Sofitel Singapore (starting from $194/night)

A more definitive fusion of classic and modern, So Sofitel Singapore is a perfect example of that.

Exterior wise, the hotel keeps the original architecture of the old building and has fused metal and glass into the structure, making it look like a modern marvel rather than a historical piece.

Similarly in its interior, So Sofitel adopted a minimalistic yet regal design. The white and grey framed walls will make you feel like a Disney princess or prince with its classic interior design.

Despite it being more modern architecturally, So Sofitel still houses its classical features that will make your royal fantasies come true.









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