Trump Invites Kim Jong Un to Meet Him at Korean Border

OSAKA, Japan—President Donald Trump said on June 29 that he invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to meet him at the Korean border (the DMZ). “I will be in South Korea. I let him know. And we’ll see if he’s there. We’ll see each other for two minutes. That’s all we can,” Trump told

how huawei stole its way

How Huawei Stole Its Way to Become the Second Largest Phone Maker

Prior to the recent U.S. ban, Huawei was the second largest phone maker in the world. In 2018, Huawei sold 208 million smartphones, half of which were sold outside of China. Huawei had captured 29% of the Europe’s smartphone market share by the end of 2018, according to a report by the U.S. market intelligence

Seeking A Justice That Has Come Too Late

Seeking A Justice That Has Come Too Late

On a sweltering Monday afternoon, three ordinary people gathered for an extraordinary purpose—to bring former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and President of China Jiang Zemin to justice. They held Jiang accountable for his role as the mastermind behind the massive persecution and genocide of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Ms Pan, Mr

Have Fun in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu, famously known as the ‘Queen City of the South’ and the ‘Seat of Christianity’, is the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. One of the most popular tourists’ destination in Philippines, Cebu Island and its 167 surrounding islands offer excellent island-hopping opportunities for nature lovers. The white sand beaches and sea are spectacular for

Photo: Federico Parra/AFP/Getty Images

The Great Escape From Venezuela

2.7 million people have fled Venezuela since 2015, reported the UN on February 22, underscoring the massive socio-political crisis that has hit the country since the presidency of former president Hugo Chávez. The crisis has also resulted in a hyperinflation that is devastating Venezuelans. Last month, a BBC report revealed that Venezuela’s “annual inflation rate


The Next Stage in the Trade War

Despite the relative calm in the U.S.-China trade war and the prospects of reaching an agreement, the conflict is likely to develop further in 2019. Review of leading events to this day: The Epoch Times looks at the concurrent battles that make up the trade war. 1. Solar panels and washing machines Beginning from October

The Kirya compound. The Chinese are digging nearby

‘Technological Cooperation With China May Cost Us Dearly’

Following the Bloomberg investigation that revealed Chinese spy chips were embedded in computers and servers of Western companies, we interviewed Yossi Appleboum, veteran of Israeli 8200 unit (Israeli NSA) and international cyber expert, who told us about spy chips he held in his own hands. ‘The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to

USA vs. Russia – A ‘Cold War’ on Two Fronts

1. Isolation: Forming Alliances with the Countries Surrounding Russia In December 2017, the US administration issued a document entitled “National Security Strategy” (NSS), in which it explained in detail to the American people, US allies and the various agencies of the administration, exactly who the enemies of the United States are. The document defined two

Illustration By Edward Duncan-CC-PD

China-US Trade War – Step by Step (Infographics)

From the Chinese point of view, the trade war officially started on July 6, 2018: The US imposed a 25 percent tax on goods imported from China worth $34 billion, and China immediately responded by imposing a 25 percent tax on products imported from the US at the same value, and the Chinese Ministry of

A general view of the port facility at Hambantota, Sri Lanka, on Feb. 10, 2015.

The Beginning of the End

Since late 2013, the term “One Belt One Road” (B&R) has broken into the financial industry on a massive scale. Out of nowhere, almost every available major conference centre in the world’s most influential financial districts started to hold multilateral discussions on B&R. When you bumped into someone in the business world who didn’t know

Should-Indonesia-Emulate-Singapore- Model-of-Eradicating-Corruption

Should Indonesia Emulate Singapore’s Model of Eradicating Corruption?

Not only does truthfulness among people create peace of mind and promote relationships of trust, but it is also the basis for a nation’s survival. A culture of dishonesty leads to endemic corruption, and corruption is often known as a destroyer of prosperity. Thus, since independence, Singapore’s leaders have made the eradication of corruption one of

Untold Details of 1MDB Scandal

‘Billion Dollar Whale’ Sold Out Across Malaysia Since its release last month, Billion Dollar Whale—the latest exposé on Malaysian national Jho Low’s involvement in the elaborate One Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) money-laundering scandal—has sold out across major bookstore chains in Malaysia. In an interview with portal Coconuts. co in September, co-author Wright described Low as the “puppet master” in the scandal.

Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (R) shakes hands with Singaporean counterpart Lee Hsien Loong

Malaysia and Singapore Vow to Strengthen Ties Amid Water Agreement Dispute

Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, vowed to strengthen ties with the nation’s “twin” as he officially called for a review of water sold to the republic at the 33rd ASEAN summit in Singapore. In the veteran leader’s first official visit to Singapore since he returned to power in May, Mahathir said he would work more

China’s Neo-Colonising Bag of Tricks: Malaysia

In my previous article (China’s Neo-Colonizing Bag of Tricks), I explained how China’s “build now, pay later” investment strategies have entrapped many smaller countries as China’s neo-colonies of the 21st century. The case previously highlighted was that of Sri Lanka. The country owes China billions of dollars, and as part of Sri Lanka’s debt reduction

China’s Neo-Colonising Bag of Tricks: Djibouti, Africa

In my previous two articles (China’s Neo-Colonizing Bag of Tricks and China’s Neo-Colonising Bag of Tricks: Malaysia), I explained how China’s “build now, pay later” investment strategies have entrapped many smaller countries as China’s neo-colonies of the 21st century. The case previously highlighted was that of Sri Lanka. The country owes China billions of dollars,

Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzea. EPA/Justin Lane

How Russia’s UN Vetoes Have Enabled Mass Murder In Syria

Since the start of Syria’s uprising in March 2011, Russia has vetoed 12 UN Security Council resolutions concerning the conflict. Among other things, these resolutions covered human rights violations, indiscriminate aerial bombing, the use of force against civilians, toxic chemical weapons, and calls for a meaningful ceasefire. Russia’s behaviour at the Security Council is not motivated by

Understanding China’s Race-Based Espionage

A discussion with John Jordan, former senior Navy intelligence officer The Chinese Communist Party heavily focuses on race in its espionage recruitment. That’s so that when issues arise with prosecuting Chinese spies, the “race card” can be played, triggering sensitivity about discrimination, according to a former senior U.S. Navy intelligence officer. The CCP uses two

Not amused? Vladimir Putin. Shutterstock

Russia: New Research Shows Even Authoritarian Regimes Struggle To Pass Laws

When we think of parliaments in non-democratic states, we often think of a room full of raised hands. This compelling image of unanimity conveys a simple idea: that these assemblies are stuffed with loyal servants of the ruling elite. Rather than scrutinise, challenge, amend, and block initiatives from the government, they provide guaranteed support. Rather

US Got China Wrong, But Trump Is Turning Things Around, Expert Says

WASHINGTON—“‘Did we get China wrong?’ The issue to me is resoundingly ‘yes,’” says Bill Gertz, senior editor of the Washington Free Beacon and one of the leading journalists on national-security issues. “The good news is, there has been a major shift by the Trump administration in its focus on China,” Gertz said while speaking at

Why The Media Needs To Be More Responsible For How It links Islam and Islamist Terrorism

Since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in the US, Islam has become central to debates about social cohesion and national security in Australia. Restrictions on Muslim immigration have been openly discussed – most recently by Senator Fraser Anning in his maiden speech to parliament – and many believe another terrorist attack in the name of “Islam” is inevitable. Confronted with

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