The Secret to Acing PSLE Problem Sums

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By Epoch Newsroom

(WATCH: The Secret to Acing PSLE Problem Sums – Genius Young Minds)

Ms Nur Hidayah Ismail, principal of Genius Young Minds (GYM). (Tony Soh/Epoch Times)

Ms Nur Hidayah Ismail, principal of Genius Young Minds (GYM), has an open secret that many parents aren’t aware of.

She knows the exact formula to unleash a child’s success in mathematics.

According to Ms Nur Hidayah, these maths concepts made easy methods, help students solve killer problem sums that most students struggle with.

Students simply draw out a table, pick out keywords and figures to fill into the table, visualise the problem and apply the right concept to solve the problem, she explained.

She noted how her students were able to solve problem sums easily using the Math Mastery Concepts.

“Students are usually not able to solve the sums because they do not understand the sum itself to apply the right concept,” said the former secondary school teacher, who developed this method over the course of her teaching career.

The passionate teacher who loves mathematics enthused, “Once you know the concepts, steps and methods, the problems are very easy to solve. It is to know the concepts and having fun learning it.”

Parents’ Math Workshop: Learning the Tricks of the Trade

Established in December 2012, GYM has 200 students of all races who travel from all parts of Singapore to study at its three centres located in Tampines, Punggol, and Jurong East Central.

The centre also has a well-received ‘mastery workshop’ specially catered to parents.

For $897, parents can master mathematics tricks at the eight-hour workshop, so as to weather the storm with their children.

This one-and-only adults’ mathematics workshop has caught the attention of various local and international media, including The New Paper, Berita Harian, Lianhe Wanbao, Warna 94.2FM, BBC and Taiwan’s SET News Channel.

“That’s where our niche is – parents’ classes,” said Ms Nur Hidayah, who dreams of bringing her tuition programmes overseas.

“Through the workshop, parents can learn how to teach their children at home. And parents are the first teacher to their child.”

The majority of her students saw a two- or three-grade jump (e.g. from C to A or from U to B) after enrolling in her boot camps, parents’ mastery workshops and tuition classes. The success rate is almost 98%, she said.

“Parents’ involvement is very crucial. If the parents are equally active as the students in their studies, you can see dramatic transformations in the child’s result,” she emphasised.

Any words of wisdom for her students?

“Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible, if you put effort, try and give your best. And have fun!” she said.

Here, Ms Nur Hidayah shares with Epoch Times readers the steps to solving two problem sums using one of the Math Mastery concepts:



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