9 Best Japanese Hot Pots Other Than Shabu Sai

christal foo
Credit : city_hot_pot @ Instagram
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Singaporeans like Japanese hot pot a lot. Who doesn’t? Shabu Sai may be one of the most famous places to enjoy great Japanese hot pot in Singapore, but there are many restaurants out there that serve really good ones too.

Here are the 10 best Japanese hot pots other than Shabu Sai for your next piping hot adventure!

  1. Suki-Ya

Credit : joyzxu @ Instagram

With 10 outlets located across Singapore, Suki-Ya has become one of the most famous Japanese restaurants since its first opening. Putting the concept of ‘House of Hot Pot’ to life, you’ll experience a heartwarming dining adventure without burning a hole in your wallet. At an affordable price, they serve high quality food, including meats. Various soup broths are available, such as Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki, Tonyu Miso, Kimuchi and more. You can enjoy an all-you-can-eat shabu shabu or sukiya for lunch at S$18.90 or dinner at S$24.90 within 80 minutes. An additional S$3 will be charged on weekends and public holidays.

Website: http://suki-ya.com.sg/

  1. Shabu Shabu GEN
Credit : hangry.bear @ Instagram

Opened in 2009, Shabu Shabu GEN serves high-end Japanese shabu shabu in Singapore. With premium ingredients such as high-grade Wagyu beef, Kurobuta pork, and Spanish Iberico pork loin meat, you will be able to have a great fine-dining experience here. It is said that the owner, a Japanese chef, sources prime Japanese beef from boutique cattle houses himself. No wonder this is one of the local restaurants offering the finest shabu shabu. A lunch set ranges from S$30++ per person and comes with salad, chawanmushi, miso soup and dessert.

Website: https://www.aoki-restaurant.com.sg/shabushabu

  1. Sakurazaka

    Credit : sakurazakasg @ Instagram


Credit : daphotographer @ Instagram
Credit : sakurazakasg @ Instagram

From pork to beef to seafood, Sakurazaka serves authentic shabu shabu with a slight fusion of European flavours achieved through the addition of Bouillabaisse broth, which is a traditional Provençal fish stew. A wide selection of white wine, red wine and champagne from France and Italy is also what makes this place a huge hit. For those who prefer something more Japanese, you can go with Ago Dashi broth, which gives you an umami taste. Ranging from S$48 to S$64, all three sets come with stone grilled Ishiyaki, meat, noodles or rice, vegetables and dessert (shaved ice kakigori).Address: 24 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289221

Tel: +65 6463 0333

Website: https://www.facebook.com/sakurazakasg/

  1. City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu

City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu
Credit : city_hot_pot @ Instagram
 City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu
Credit : city_hot_pot @ Instagram

City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu is a local steamboat restaurant with a Japanese concept. They provide high quality food and service. Wagyu Beef, their signature dish, is the bomb. Every customer will have their own hot pot for cooking to ensure a fresh and hygienic dining experience. What’s more, you can enjoy your meal with a great city view from the restaurant’s full height glass windows. If you are a health conscious person, this is a good place for you as they do not use any MSG in their soup.

Address: One Raffles Place, #04-26/27/28, Singapore 048616

Website: https://www.facebook.com/cityhotpotshabushabu/

  1. Tsukada Nojo 

 Tsukada Nojo
Credit : TsukadaNojoSingapore.ap @ Facebook

Tsukada Nojo has set up its first restaurant outside Japan in Singapore since October 2012. They serve collagen soup beauty pots made with nourishing “Jitokko”. Jitokko is a very valuable brand of free-range chickens in Japan raised in an organic way with thorough quality control stricter than the government’s standards. Their signature dish, Bijin Nabe with Golden Jidori Chicken Soup, is something you shouldn’t miss while visiting this place.

Address: 26 Beach Road, #B1-20, South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TsukadaNojoSingapore.ap/

  1. Black Cow

. Black Cow
Credit : blackcowsg @ Instagram

Being the first to introduce Kanto-style Sukiyaki to Singapore, Black Cow serves authentic shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. Good sakes are also available here to go with your meal for a pleasant dining experience. Only genuine Japanese Black Wagyu is served here. Their signature sukiyaki sauce is freshly made with premium cuts of Wagyu beef fat for a unique flavour. Black Cow doesn’t use MSG in their cooking as they believe good nutrition comes from seasonal food that is fresh and farmed naturally. That’s why their chefs use umami ingredients to bring out the true flavours of each dish.

Website: https://www.blackcow.com.sg/menu.html

  1. EN Sakaba

 EN Sakaba
Credit : ensakaba @ Facebook
EN Sakaba
Credit : ensakaba.sg @ Instagram
 EN Sakaba
Credit : alainlicious @ Instagram

From tempura to sashimi to great sakes, EN Sakaba serves some of the best Japanese cuisine. There is always something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds with their extensive menu. Their Miyazaki Wagyu & Premium Queen Crab Shabu Shabu course is a must try. At an introductory price of S$58++ per pax, the course also comes with Iberico Kurobuta Pork, Aburi Miyazaki Wagyu sushi, sashimi platter, tempura and more.Website: http://www.ensakaba.com.sg/

  1. Keyaki Japanese Restaurant

Keyaki Japanese Restaurant
Credit : panpacificsingapore @ Instagram

Being one of Singapore’s top Japanese restaurants, Keyaki specialises in authentic Japanese cuisine and is found on the fourth floor of Pan Pacific Singapore. Keyaki uses only fresh ingredients to conquer your palate, which include seafood, meat and vegetables imported from Australia and Korea. Their sukiyaki with high quality Wagyu beef is simply amazing. Although the prices are on the high side, the experience and service provided are definitely worthwhile.

Address: 7 Raffles Boulevard, Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore 039595

Website: https://www.panpacific.com/en/hotels-and-resorts/pp-marina/dining/keyaki.html

  1. Tamashii Robataya

 Tamashii Robataya
Credit : tamashii_sg @ Instagram

Specialising in grill, Tamashii Robataya also offers great shabu-shabu and sukiyaki that come in sets. This is a place where you can find sake hot pots, something that is very uncommon in Singapore but loved by most Japanese. Their signature whisky sukiyaki A5 Saga Gyu Sukiyaki and Nikka Whisky Black is the bomb. Although sake is added into the soup broth, it doesn’t taste too strong, with just a touch of slight bitterness. 

Address: 12 North Canal Road, #02-01, Singapore 048825

Website: http://www.tamashii.com.sg/concept.php

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