Stay Home! Have an Online Netflix Party!

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By Jennifer Lee

What is Netflix Party?


Are you stuck at home because of the coronavirus? And also running out of things to keep yourself entertained with? There’s Netflix of course, but what fun is watching Netflix alone when you could be watching shows with everyone else?

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a browser extension that brings you the virtual experience of watching Netflix alongside your friends. The extension ensures that everyone’s Netflix streams will be kept in sync, down to the very same frame. It even has a group chat function so that everyone can discuss the show in real time. Anyone in the group can pause, fast forward, or rewind the video stream, and it’ll all be kept in sync for everyone watching.

After all, what’s a comedy without the shared laughter, or a drama without the emotional moments together?

How Do You Get Netflix Party?


Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension, which means you’ll need to first have Google Chrome and a Netflix account. You can download and install Netflix Party at

After installing the extension, you can create a Netflix Party by clicking on the red NP icon near the address bar. You can then start a party and invite friends with the URL for your party.

How do you join a Netflix Party? You will first need the party URL. After entering it into the address bar, click the NP button and you should be able to join in the party.

Netflix Party itself is a free service, but each participant must have their own Netflix account.

How to Make it Feel Like Movie Night

Credit: pizzahut_sg

You can either call, text, or e-mail friends and take suggestions for what you’d like to watch. There are tons of binge-worthy shows and movies! Take suggestions and schedule when and where to watch these movies or shows. What is movie night without snacks and drinks? Communicate with friends and family and agree to have snacks and drinks during your watch time. One good example is to have a pizza and movie night. You can practice social distancing while having pizza and enjoying Netflix at the same time!

If you’re going for the “theatre feel” you can darken your viewing area and use dim nightlights to mimic the lighting of a movie theatre. Have an online pre-viewing party where you discuss what you think will happen or bat theories around with your friends about what will happen (kind of like watching the previews at the movies). You can even pause the show if you need to take a bathroom break (and your friends don’t mind waiting for you) and not worry about missing anything!

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