5 Boat Quay Restaurants You Shouldn’t Miss

Boat Quay singapore
(Credit: Beboy at shutterstock)
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By Vibrant Dot Staff

With its gorgeous waterside scenery, Boat Quay is the perfect spot to wine and dine while catching the sunset.

There are a plethora of restaurants, bars, and cafés along the riverfront, but some of these F&B places have gone the extra step to stand out from the crowd. From a cat café to luxe northern Italian dining, here are five restaurants along Boat Quay you shouldn’t miss!

1. RedDot BrewHouse

 RedDot BrewHouse
(Credit: RedDot BrewHouse @ Facebook)
 RedDot BrewHouse
(Credit: RedDot BrewHouse @ Facebook)

RedDot Brewhouse traces its roots all the way to South Africa, where its founder discovered homebrewed ale and lager by the local soldiers. Inspired by the cool and refreshing taste of their brews, he started up a microbrewery in Singapore, giving birth to RedDot Brewhouse.

Boasting two outlets, the brewhouse at Boat Quay is oozing with personality and great food on top of its premium draft beers. The restaurant proclaims that “good beer must always be paired with excellent food” and we can see why. Their stone oven pizzas and an assortment of platters complement their beers wonderfully.

We also recommend the RedDot Fish & Chips. The fish fillet is coated with their signature RedDot beer batter and is served with a side of fresh salad. The tanginess of the salad and homemade tartar sauce cuts through the grease of the fish and chips, so you can keep  eating more!

While you’re there, don’t forget to ask to try some seasonal brews as well!

RedDot BrewHouse: 33/34 Boat Quay Singapore 049823 | 6535 4500 | www.reddotbrewhouse.com.sg

2. Neko no Niwa

(Credit: Neko no Niwa)

Home to 13 cats, Neko No Niwa is a surefire hit with children and cat lovers! Play around with the cats and café-provided board games while enjoying the view of the Singapore River.

Their cafe menu is mostly dessert-based with a variety of cakes, coffee and ice cream flavours. Affordable is the word to describe their menu. With no service charge and GST, you can feel less guilty about purchasing more! We recommend their cheese tart, which is reminiscent of the famous Hokkaido cheese tart – decadent and with a decent selection of flavours.

One unique activity Neko no Niwa provides is Yoga with Cats. Just as the title suggests, participants get to do yoga amongst their furry friends! You’re bound to have a good time of wholesome exercise and laughter, as the cats are littered all over the place. Imagine having a cat at your feet while you’re stretching!

Remember to drop by their website to check out their house rules and also to make a reservation ahead of time!

Neko no Niwa: 54A Boat Quay (Level 2) Singapore 049843 | 6536 5319 | www.catcafe.com.sg

3. Katanashi

Katanashi Singapore Branch
(Credit: Katanashi Singapore Branch @ Facebook)
Katanashi Singapore Branch
(Credit: Katanashi Singapore Branch @ Facebook)

Katanashi has been hailed as Boat Quay’s hidden gem with its fantastic food and service. They serve a good selection of Japanese and fusion cuisine, and are famous  for their value-for-money lunch deals, such as the $12 maguro salmon don. In addition, Katanashi offers seasonal meals called “Today’s Special-Don” with limited amounts available each day.

We recommend the reliable “KFC” as a side to your meals. “KFC” stands for Katanashi Fried Chicken and it is the restaurant’s signature fried chicken recipe. Marinated for 24 hours and fried to perfection, the meat is bursting with flavour and so tender that it slides off the bone!

We especially recommend Katanashi for lunch breaks in the CBD, to cosset your palate before heading back to work.

Katanashi: 77 Boat Quay Singapore 049865 |6533 0490| www.facebook.com/Katanashi.Singapore

4. Braci

Braci at Boat Quay
(Credit: Braci @Facebook)
Braci Boat Quay
(Credit: Braci @Facebook)

Opened by restaurateur Beppe de Vito,  Braci serves northern Italian food paired with critically-acclaimed cult wines from Querciabella winery. With just 20 seats in its restaurant and 30 in its rooftop bar, its intimate yet comfortable layout gives an air of exclusivity and exquisiteness.

Their “Best of the Best” menu packs a strong punch with premium ingredients such as snow aged wagyu and foie gras . Moreover, the dishes are paired with a suitable wine by Querciabella winemaker Manfred Ing, ensuring a high quality and satiating meal for the night.

We recommend their unique roasted pigeon with nashi pear, pistachios and marsala jus. The fusion of sweet and savoury flavours forms a surprising symphony in the mouth.

For Braci’s luxe dining experience, do make a reservation beforehand as seating is limited.

Braci: 52 Boat Quay Singapore 049841 | 6866 1933 | www.braci.sg

5.  Kinara

(Credit: Kinara Group of Restaurants @Facebook)

Kinara celebrates Indian heritage through its authentic northern Indian cuisine and decor. With pieces imported from India, the restaurant’s Haveli style interior ensures a full immersive experience for its diners.

Vegetarians will be delighted with the many options on their extensive menu. We recommend the Reshmi paneer tikka, which is baked in the tandoor, for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Its unique blend of northern Indian spices impart an authentic taste of India. The tandoor infuses a smoky flavour that elevates the flavour profile.

Remember to make a reservation beforehand, especially at dinner time!

Kinara:  57 Boat Quay, 049846 | 68846884 | http://thekinaragroup.com

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