11 Quirky Mooncake Flavors to Get In 2019

Credit: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore
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By Justine Quek

Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us and besides all the good reunion food that finds themselves on the table, mooncakes are not to miss. The flavours of mooncake just get more unique and quirkier each year. There’s nothing bad about it, in fact, most people enjoy seeing what mooncake bakers can come up with and it never fails to surprise us! Now, let’s take a look at some of the unique flavoured mooncake you can get in 2019.

Credit: Regent Singapore
Credit: Regent Singapore

1. Truffle Carbonara & Manhattan Hanky Panky

You did not hear it wrong, truffle carbonara flavoured mooncake does exist. As unusual as it sounds, Italian restaurant Basilico by Regent Singapore took mooncake to the next level. The truffle carbonara flavoured, black and yellow snowskin mooncake is packed with aromatic black truffle cream cheese filling. Another new flavour by Regent Singapore is booze-filled, Manhattan Hanky Panky features Ford’s Gin, Cocchi di Torino bitters and Fernet Branca. It has a sweet aftertaste of crunchy chocolate pearls. 

Credit: TWG

2. Harvest Mooncake

TWG is known for, well, their tea. In recent years, they have been launching out classic flavoured mooncake to its patrons. This year is no different, what’s different is the new flavour called the Harvest Mooncake. The outer skin is black and is filled with lemongrass-infused lotus paste and their Mistral tea. Instead of getting a salted egg yolk, you can find at the heart of it, a strawberry almond paste. The price of the mooncake starts at $16 each and we think it is designed to be paired with their very own range of tea. 


Credit: Old Seng Choong
Credit: Old Seng Choong

3. Red Lotus Paste with Bak Kwa

All bacon lovers will be overjoyed to have a taste at this. Old Seng Choong rolled out a range of new mooncakes that are accompanied by Bak Kwa. One of their new flavours is the Red Lotus Paste with Bak Kwa, a little bit of saltiness just balances out the sweetness of a mooncake. The bak kwa is thinly chopped, making for an easier chewing experience. Old Seng Choong’s online store is now selling some of their mooncakes at a discounted price, this one, in particular, is now priced at $58.48/box (box of 4). It’s the best time to get your hands on one right now!

Credit: Fullerton Hotel

4. Bandung – Jade Fullerton

You’ve heard of the infamous Air Bandung, we bet you never thought of a Bandung flavoured mooncake, for the love of sweet tooth. Though it’s not the first time Jade@Fullerton Singapore launched this rose-scented mooncake, its reappearance this year proves that it is indeed a popular flavour among Singaporeans.  

Credit: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore  @ Facebook

5. Mother of Dragons Snowskin

We know the name sounds familiar, Mother of Dragons from the box office series Game of Thrones. However, it is not inspired by GOT, in fact, it is inspired by a signature cocktail at Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s MO Bar. Cherry Garden took inspiration and made it into a novelty mooncake. The snowskin mooncake is filled with chunks of dragon fruit lotus paste that is sweetened and dried, it is also infused with the special “Mother of Dragons” essence that can only be found in the cocktail. 

Credit: Raffles Singapore
Credit: Raffles Singapore

6. Avocado & Mango Yuzu

In recent years, avocado has become the superfood that everyone is after. People pretty much put avocado in everything they eat, it is the staple food if you’re trying to eat healthy. This year, Raffles Hotel introduced a new addition to its snowskin mooncake range. Avocado and Mango Yuzu mooncake, can you already smell the aroma of the mango yuzu? Just like its name, the tangy flavours of mango & yuzu puree, is wrapped with a velvety soft avocado skin that’s balanced with superfood flaxseed. 

Credit: Janice Wong Singapore
Credit: Janice Wong Singapore
Credit: Janice Wong Singapore
Credit: Janice Wong Singapore

 7. 9 Prefectures of Japan by Janice Wong

World-renowned Singaporean pastry chef, Janice Wong is always ‘wow-ing’ with her incredible creation. In celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival, Janice Wong came up with 9 signature mooncake flavours, creatively representing 9 prefectures of Japan. There are two types of green tea flavour, Hojicha, which represents Kyoto, and Shizuoka Green Tea. Representing Hokkaido is Kinako (roasted soy flour) and sweet potato mooncake that represents Tokushima. Pastry chef Janice Wong has never failed us in terms of flavour, its beautifully designed packaging and not forgetting how pretty the mooncake looks. 

Credit: Home's Favourite Pte. Ltd
Credit: Home’s Favourite Pte. Ltd


8. Raspberry Hokkaido Milk

Home’s Favorite is no stranger when it comes to quirky flavours. They are known for its Mao Shan Wang and Red Prawn durians. Their brand new flavor fresh off the oven is inspired by Japan. A snowskin Raspberry Hokkaido Milk mooncake is bound to bring you back to Japan in spring! The pink mooncake is made with sakura cherries and raspberries, coated with creamy Hokkaido milk. 

Credit: Shang Palace @ Facebook
Credit: Shang Palace @ Facebook

9. Mulberry Cream Cheese Snowskin

Famed for their delicious and filling pineapple tarts, Kele joined the bandwagon of mooncakes this year! They came up with a few different flavours, but what caught our eyes is the Mulberry Cream Cheese Snowskin mooncake. Priced at $68/box (box of 4), the mooncake is wrapped with a hint of lavender skin and filled with bits of mulberries and cream cheese filling. Mulberry may not be what you’re used to, but we promise you, it tastes just as good, and besides, it’s a healthy fruit!

Credit: Shang Palace @ Facebook
Credit: Shang Palace @ Facebook

10. Kaya Truffle & Yuzu Sake Snowskin

Shang Palace by Shangri-La Hotel has launched 2 new mooncake flavours this season, it’s Kaya Truffle & Yuzu Sake. With its reduced-sugar white lotus paste, you can be rest assured to eat a few more pieces. The kaya truffle flavoured mooncake is made with their in house coconut spread, it has the rich fragrance of coconut and gula Melaka. If you’re looking for some alcoholic kick, opt for the yuzu sake-infused mooncake, it’s encased with a white chocolate shell and in it, you can find yourself immersed in tangy yuzu & subtly sweet sake kick. 

Credit: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel
Credit: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

11. Popcorn 

Last but definitely not the least, how often do you find a Popcorn flavoured mooncake? Hong Kong celebrity chef, Alvin Leung from The Capitol Kempinski Hotel launch his first-ever mooncake range this year, he created a Mini Theatre Combo Set. The set is comprised of 8 mini mooncakes, 4 Caramel Mixed Nuts, and 4 Mini Golden Corn. According to the chef, they took inspiration from the popcorn and kacang puteh snacks that were commonly sold at Capitol theatre back in the days. This combo set is bound to grab the hearts of the young and the old.

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