Man With Supernatural Abilities—Wolf Messing

The Start of Something Supernatural

Wolf Messing, the world's greatest psychic - The BL
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In this article, we want to introduce you to a mysterious character. His mind-reading skills amazed both Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud; his accurate prediction ability made Hitler offer a reward of 200,000 marks for his head; and his hypnotism terrified Stalin. He was the supernatural master with the title of “The World’s Greatest Psychic” – Wolf Messing.

A Supernatural Encounter

Messing was born in a Jewish village near Warsaw, Poland on September 10, 1899. His parents were both devout Jewish believers, and even in poverty, they were still able to strictly follow their religion. The religious atmosphere of the family made little Messing extra pious.

Messing attended Jewish elementary school at the age of six. He had an excellent memory and was good at reciting long scriptures. This unique talent attracted the attention of a Jewish rabbi who decided to send him to a Jewish seminary for further study and train him to become a rabbi. Messing’s devout Jewish parents were thrilled. However, Messing was not at all excited about the future of wearing a black robe as a clergyman. When he graduated from religious school, he refused to go to the seminary. Messing and his family had a heated argument as a result.

Just after the argument, something strange happened. One day, Messing’s father asked him to buy a pack of cigarettes in a store. It was night time, Messing walked to the porch in the dark. Suddenly, a giant in a white robe appeared on the stairs.

Messing said: “I saw his beard, his face with wide cheekbones and a pair of extraordinary piercing eyes… The ‘messenger’ of heaven raised his hands in his wide sleeves towards the sky. ”

The “messenger” said to him, “My child! God sent me to come to you… to foretell your future, and you have to fulfil your duty to God…”

The sound was like roaring thunder. After hearing this, the nervous little boy fell to the ground and fainted. When he woke up, he saw his parents reading a prayer aloud.

Messing was only nine years old at the time, and he was not  clear about things beyond this world. After experiencing this supernatural incident, little Messing no longer resisted the seminary, obeyed his parents’ arrangement and went to another city to become a student of the Jewish seminary.

However, things were unpredictable. Two years later, just when people thought Messing would become a rabbi in the future, the trajectory of his life took a turn.

There was once when Messing was in a prayer room and met a homeless man. This person was very similar to the giant in the white robe that he had seen before. Messing was shocked again, but this time he did not faint, but he had deep doubts about his parents and religion in his heart. When he was young, he suspected that he came to the seminary to study because he was tricked by a homeless man. This questioning thought violently impacted his mind.

One day, he finally rebelled. He wanted to run away and leave the seminary. To get the “funds” to escape, he stole money donated by Jewish believers. Then, he sat alone in the prayer room, of course not to pray or to repent, but to count money. This was one of the few bad things he had done in his memory. He decided to escape the environment.

The Start of Something Supernatural

Messing, who was fleeing, got on the train and hid under the bench in order to avoid the conductor who was checking the tickets. Tired and sleepy, he soon fell asleep as the train shook. However, his greatest worry still came. Despite the dim lights in the carriage, the conductor spotted him and asked, “Where’s your ticket?”

Nervous Messing grabbed a small piece of scrap newspaper on the ground and handed it to the conductor. With a strong desire in his heart, he prayed to God for help and let the conductor treat the scrap paper as a ticket. As a result, the conductor looked at the “ticket” carefully, then seriously punched a hole in it, indicating that the ticket inspection was completed, and then returned the waste paper to Messing. The conductor looked at the scrawny boy in bewilderment. Since he had a “ticket”, why did he hide under the bench? There are still empty seats in the carriage! The conductor kindly told Messing that the train would arrive in Berlin in two hours.

This was Messing’s first display of supernatural ability in his life, an experience he will never forget. In the future, Messing fled to the former Soviet Union and mentioned the matter many times on different occasions. Despite being in the communist camp where evolution theory and atheism pervade, because of the records of TV, newspapers, and books, this incident has become an interesting fact that almost everyone knows about.

This train to Berlin ended Messing’s childhood. In his eyes, Berlin before the war was a huge city, full of people and loud noises.

In order to solve the problem of food and clothing, Messing worked as a dispatch rider, carrying sundries, washing dishes and polish shoes etc. This was a very difficult time in his life. At that time, because he was often hungry, he felt particularly blessed when he had a bite of bread.

Resurrection From Death

Five months after arriving in Berlin, Messing collapsed on the bridge due to starvation. People couldn’t feel his pulse or hear his heartbeat, and his body was cold. People thought Messing was dead and sent him to the morgue.

On the third day after Messing’s “death”, a famous German psychiatrist, Dr. Abel, came to examine his “body”, but unexpectedly found that he still had a weak and elusive pulse, so he woke him up.

Dr. Abel taught Messing to believe in himself, to believe in strength, and encouraged him to do whatever he wanted. Abel and psychiatrist professor Schmidt trained Messing and conducted numerous experiments. Gradually, Messing learned to accurately separate the “voice”, that was, to select the “voice” he needed to hear from the many thoughts generated in everyone’s mind.

To test whether his mind-reading skills were correct, Messing would go to the market in Berlin and walk past the counters of the stores. Like a radio, he listened to the voices of these shopkeepers. For example, once, he heard the voice of a shopkeeper. Messing looked at the other person’s eyes and said, “Don’t worry, your daughter won’t forget to milk the cows and feed the pigs. Although she is still young, she is strong and smart…” The shopkeeper was stunned for a moment, then shouted, that was when Messing knew he had read the owner’s mind correctly .

In more than two years of training, Dr. Abel also taught Messing to use mind control to transfer pain. For example, when stabbing the chest and neck with a needle, he taught Messing to move the pain elsewhere so Messing doesn’t feel any pain himself.

The Magical Ability to “Control Life and Death”

Dr. Abel introduced Messing to a manager, Mr. Zellmeister, and since then, he embarked on an acting career. He had a simple task – which was to play dead in a crystal coffin. He was able to control himself and go into a deep, deep sleep, keeping completely still for three days. Three days a week, Messing was freely on the verge of life and death. Soon, he had earned the title of “Wonder Boy”.

With this job, Messing earned five German marks a day. For teenagers who were accustomed to starvation, this was a considerable wealth. Not only could he live independently, but he could also help his parents. He then sent a letter to his parents and told them about his situation.

The magical ability that Messing possessed, such as being able to control his own body functions, including the beating of the heart and internal organs, was also quite common among Indian yogis.

In 1935, French cardiologist, Dr. Therese. Brosse, field-tested it with a hand-held electrocardiograph. After an Indian yogi entered meditation, the experts began to test him. He could neither feel his pulse nor hear his heart beat, and the electrocardiogram showed a straight line. Instruments showed that his heart had stopped beating, but he was alive.

In 1961, three yogis claimed to be able to control cardiac arrest on their own. Doctors in New Delhi observed them, and the results showed that their pulses, blood pressures, and heart sounds had stopped, and only the electrocardiogram showed a normal curve.

A yogi named Satyamurti in India was buried in a sealed pit for 8 days with ECG monitoring and other experiments of various types. Twenty-nine hours after the yogi entered the pit, the electrocardiogram showed a straight line.

This straight line continued until the morning of the eighth day, and the current signal continued to pick up half an hour before the pit was opened. Investigators had expected symptoms of bradycardia and myocardial ischemia, which did not appear during testing. During the eight days that Satyamurti was in the pit, he was in a very deep and deep state of meditation. That is, the body function completely stopped, the heart rate, metabolism, and blood circulation all stopped, and the body function could still be maintained.

Judging from his accounts, in the 1920s and 1930s, after yogis went into deep meditation, the instances of controlling bodily functions were not isolated cases. There is no evidence to be found in Messing’s writings whether he practised meditation or not, but presumably, he didn’t understand this type of yoga, at least when he was 15 years old and “playing dead” for a living.  Messing’s various extraordinary phenomena attracted the attention of many scholars and experts.

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