15 Products to Bring Home from MUJI Singapore

MUJI Singapore
Credit : mujisg @ Instagram
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MUJI is a well-known Japanese retail company which offers an extensive selection of products such as household items, furniture, stationary, fashion, food and more.  Their products are high quality, stylish and promote a minimalist lifestyle, one of the many reasons why MUJI is such a popular brand among locals and foreigners alike. Aside from their neutral yet trendy tones of white, grey and wood, MUJI is an eco-friendly company, using recycled products in their packaging. It’s a dream to own a home that looks straight out of a MUJI catalogue, there’s no denying it. The Japanese way of life is just much simpler and frill-free! Let’s look at our pick on the 15 products to bring home from MUJI.

1. Organic Cotton Blend Face Towel

Organic Cotton Blend Face Towel
Credit : muji_global @ Instagram

Get yourself a set of organic cotton towel off the shelf! The face towel is one of the many popular items with Japanese customers and we are sure it’s also the same here with the locals. These organic cotton towels are said to be very soft and highly absorbent, and has the ability to withstand multiple wash cycles. You won’t want to use any other face towel after this, it’s very light and it’s a quick dry towel. The towels are available in three sizes and textures.

2. Organic Cotton Pillow Case

Organic Cotton Pillow Case
Credit : mujisg

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep, am I right? MUJI’s organic cotton pillow case will make a difference in your sleeping pattern, no doubt. What’s better than a soft and cozy touch against your head and face when you sleep? This is what you need!

3. Porcelain Toothbrush Stand

Porcelain Toothbrush Stand
Credit : mujisg

If you’re someone who loves to have everything in their bathroom organized, fancy it up with MUJI’s porcelain toothbrush stand! Yes, you heard that right, instead of letting your toothbrush lay flatly on the sink counter, it needs a home too. The porcelain toothbrush stand is space-efficient, comes in different colors and your toothbrush just looks better standing.

4. Toothbrushing Sheets

Toothbrushing Sheets
Credit : Qoo10

The toothbrushing sheets or teeth wipes from MUJI is a lifesaver, especially for those who are traveling. The toothbrushing sheets can be used to ‘brush’ or polish your teeth wherever you are – it’s a more hygenic way to clean your teeth if you dislike using water from just anywhere. Always put a pack in your bag, you don’t know when you’re gonna need them!

5. Travel Polyester Hanging Case

Travel Polyester Hanging Case
Credit : mujisg @ Instagram

The polyester hanging case is a useful pouch which you can store all your daily necessities when traveling. Available in 3 colors: Black, Grey and Navy, it’s lightweight, holds a nice shape and has a good amount of pockets to be filled. It comes with a small hanger so you can easily hook it up in the bathroom and it doesn’t leave clutters everywhere.

6. Aroma Diffuser/Essential Oils

Aroma Diffuser/Essential Oils
Credit : mujisg
Aroma Diffuser/Essential Oils
Credit : mujisg @ Instagram

Wake up to a sweet scent in the morning and get yourself an aroma diffuser from MUJI that keeps your home fresh. Whether you like it big or portable, you can make a choice as they come in different sizes. If you’re more of an essential oil kind of person, MUJI has got you covered. You will be spoilt for choice because they have more than 20 types of essential oil, from Yuzu, Japanese Cypress, Lime, Blood Orange to Lemongrass and many more!

7. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil
Credit : muji

Some might not know that MUJI offers a pretty good skincare line, one product of which is Jojoba Oil. The oil is extracted from pure jojoba seeds and contains no artificial colors or fragrances, something that many are going for nowadays. It’s said to be extremely good for both skin and hair and is to be used after bathing. It is also recommended to be applied on the hair before it completely dries off.

8. Booster Essence Lotion

Jojoba Oil
Credit : muji.sg @ Facebook

Keep your skin hydrated with MUJI’s Booster Essence Lotion. The lotion is made with 5 natural plant extracts such as lustrous rice bran, akebiae caulis and apricot juice. It’s best to apply the lotion before toning water and gently pat onto the face and neck until thoroughly absorbed. It promises enhancing and moisturising results to the skin.

9. High Moisture Light Toning Water

High Moisture Light Toning Water
Credit : mujisg

Here’s another popular skincare item that you can’t get your hands off! MUJI’s High Moisture Light Toning Water is the best thing you can get, especially if you have very sensitive skin that is prone to dryness. The toning water is paraben and alcohol-free and has no artificial colors and fragrances, let’s just get that out of the way. Now you know how the Japanese have such youthful and nice skin!

10. Peelable Cotton Pads

Peelable Cotton Pads
Credit : mujisg

While we are still on MUJI’s skincare products, let’s not forget about their peelable cotton pads. They are definitely not cheaply made, you can feel that it’s very good quality for its price. The cotton can be split into 4 layers, one way to make full use of it is to use it as a facial mask with toner.

11. Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes
Credit : mujisg @ Instagram

The file boxes offered at MUJI are extremely useful tools to keep your home items organized and hidden out of people’s eye. It’s a discreet yet elegant way to keep things in, they’re suitable for magazines, books, school papers and clothing.

12. Acrylic Storage Drawers

Acrylic Storage Drawers
Credit : mujisg

MUJI’s acrylic storage drawers are super popular and all the rage nowadays, particularly in the beauty blogger universe. Many beauty bloggers are using these acrylic drawers to store make-up brushes, eyeliner as well as fashion accessories. It’s a great product all around to display collections and keep things neat.

13. MUJI Notebook

MUJI Notebook
Credit : mujisg @ Instagram

MUJI is famed for its incredible line of notebooks, they come in different types and sizes. It’s the perfect book to jot down notes from school or a meeting. If you’re environmentally conscious, don’t fret, they are made using recycled paper and looks minimal and stylish. It also feels good and smooth on the pen, no ink bleeds even with ink pens.

14. MUJI Gel Pen

MUJI Gel Pen
Credit : mujisg

You’ve dreamed about owning a colorful set of gel pens most of your childhood life, we know that. Back then, it wasn’t easy to do so, but now you can! MUJI has about 10 vibrant colors for you to choose from, or don’t – just buy them all! Other than that, they also have other types of pens that have conventional colored ink: red, blue and black.

15. MUJI Cakes & Snacks

MUJI Cakes & Snacks
Credit : mujisg
MUJI Cakes & Snacks02
Credit : mujisg
MUJI Cakes & Snacks03
Credit : mujisg

Last but definitely not the least, you do not want to miss out on the food corner at MUJI. They offer a pretty extensive range of cakes and snacks, all made from selected safe ingredients. Some of the popular food you can get are flavored Baumkuchen – a German variety cake that the Japanese love; Fruit-infused Chocolate, Dried Squid and Roasted Cheese, which pairs very well with a can of cold beer!

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