10 Cool Christmas Gadgets for Guys

Credit: uncommongoods.com
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By Vibrant Dot Staff

No more generic mugs and stocking-stuffers for your guy friends this Christmas! We have shortlisted 10 cheap, practical and ultra-useful gifts that will make him remember your kindness and thoughtfulness, at least till Christmas next year!


1. Self-stirring mugs (for an efficient boss)

Credit: kickstarter.com
Credit: kickstarter.com

The self-stirring cup tops our list this year. Unlike common self-stirring cups, this stainless steel cup needs no battery or button to press. Just pour hot water in and watch it stir automatically with its spinning pill-like magnet (PFTE rotor). The magnet stops spinning when the water cools down after 5 mins.

You have to try it to believe it. Throw in your instant coffee, teabag, sugar, milk or ginger powder and watch it stir uniformly. Impressive!


2. The Necktie Travel Roll (for dear daddy)

Credit: uncommongoods.com

This smart and stylish cylinder stows neckties efficiently without causing creases or wrinkles. Simple as it looks, this magnetic travel case is surprisingly useful for conferences and overseas business trips. Roll your tie, chuck it away in your luggage and you can worry about other things.


3. Luxury Zipper Tie (for practical men)

Credit: amazon.com

Know guys who are brilliant at everything but struggle with tying ties even after his 100th attempt?

There are sleek, high-quality zipper ties on the market that look the same, if not way better than classic ties. Simply loop it over your neck, zip it up and you are done! Why waste time when you can look smart and sharp in just under 5 seconds?


4. Pocket Utensil set (for outdoor lovers)

Credit: uncommongoods.com


This one’s for hiking fans. You can forget about asking him to a five-course meal because this guy loves to eat on grass patches and eats on the go.

This cutlery set is created with the same concept as a folding pocket knife. It comes with a sturdy metal fork, spoon, knife and bottle/can opener.

With a little push, the housing splits the fork and spoon open for easy two-handed use. Unlike the more common plastic flatware, most stainless steel kitchen grade sets are dishwasher-safe.

Hiking, anyone?


5. Nano technology water repellent spray (for nature photographers and Bear Grylls wannabes)

Credit: deltaemart.com

This nano technology protects textiles and fabrics from water, stains and contamination. Liquids bead up and roll off the fabric – making clothes, shoes and bags dry and stain free.



6. Water bottle (For deskbound dudes)

Credit: uncommongoods.com

Granted – water bottles are nothing new for a Christmas gift.

But this glass bottle reminds him to sip his way through two full bottles a day with clear markings and clever graphics. As conventional a gift it may look, this bottle is an effective hydration helper. It’s also easily available online and in most department stores.


7. Avocado tools (for health freaks)

Is there no better way of skinning avocados without making a mess? Here’s a 3-in-1 tool for avocado lovers and keto-fanatics. It has a three-pronged, pit-removing pick, a slightly curved shape for scooping, and a serrated edge to break the skin.

Credit: uncommongoods.com


Can’t finish the avocado? Keep the other half fresh longer with a silicone cover! Easy. But make sure you get one made of BPA and phthalate-free silicone.

Credit: uncommongoods.com

Pit Stop https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/avocado-huggers-set-of-2


8. Metal straw (for the environmentally conscious)

Credit: thesocialspace.sg@ instagram

Recycle, reuse, reduce… enough said.

This little straw is not just an environmentally friendly tool, it’s also a prop that differentiates you from others simply because it looks awesome! Flaunt your new straw while saving the earth. Double win!


9. Wireless NFC charger (for tech geeks)

Credit: lazada.com

Wireless charging is an affordable luxury that you may not really need. But it’s nice to know that your phone and other NFC-enabled devices start charging once they are placed on the pad.

You can just get the cheaper ones that cost about $12-20 at retail and online stores.


10. RFID Blocking Slim Wallets (for the savvy guy)

Credit: kickstarter.com
Credit: ridgewallet.com


With cashless payments and apps so readily available, we are carrying even fewer cards and notes in our wallets.

Bellroy may be the most well-known slim wallet, but there are cheaper and better options on the market, such as Ridgewallet and BigSkinny, made from titanium and tear-resistant carbon fibre. These slim wallets are RFID safe too.

We hope you like our top 10 most recommended Christmas gifts for your guy friends. Let us know what you think and share with us other cool gadgets out there for Christmas presents!

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