Quickest Way to Enjoy the Most Beautiful Island in the Philippines

The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands. If you’re after a budget-friendly and quick break, this tour is for you. A direct 3.5-hour flight from Singapore to Manila has a round trip ticket averaging S$174. Tour a popular spot in the northern part of one of the world’s most beautiful islands. Palawan’s El Nido has

The Holocaust of the 21st Century

The Holocaust of the 21st Century

A Bloody Prelude It was the early autumn of 1997. A young Uyghur doctor was pursuing a promising medical career in a large hospital in Xinjiang, China. One day, his instructor had a task for him. Five senior Chinese government officials required new organs. The young Uyghur was to take blood samples from the Uyghur


Thai Cave Rescue

All 13 Wild Boars have been successfully rescued after a frantic 2-week mission that had the world on the edge of their seats. Many said that this mission restored their hope in humanity, and it’s not hard to see why. It wouldn’t have been possible without the unsung heroes who risked their lives and showed

Eating-through- -history-The-origins-of-Singapore -Hawker.jpg

Singapore Hawker Centres’ Origins: Eating Through History

Deemed as a culinary haven by locals and tourists alike, hawker centres house food ranging from traditional dishes to old-school treats with a twist. Singapore, known to be a country of modern marvels, is also home of the so-called national treasure, hawker centres. Be it 1915 or to new and improved food shelters, this melting


Inspiring Story: Passing Tribulations With Flying Colours

Our problems seem so trivial in contrast to the hardships this special family has faced. Their story of perseverance, courage, and a never-say-die attitude has touched the hearts of many Singaporeans … most definitely a source of inspiration for those who lose hope in the face of adversity. Meet the Seng family from Singapore. The


Salted Egg Yolk is the Game Changer!

In today’s competitive F&B scene, everyone is whipping out innovative ideas to grab customers and stay in the game.   Salted Egg Yolk, once considered too salty as a main dish, is the game-changer in F&B today and the ‘must have’ dish on both Asian and Western menus. Originating from China and derived by soaking


8 Dreamy Airbnb Spots in Singapore That Won’t Break the Bank

1.  Stylish and Spacious Elegant Kinfolk Loft This gorgeous modern loft is situated close to Farrer Park MRT, and has chic wooden interiors with gold and white accents. A Kinfolk magazine could easily blend in with the surroundings, and this would be a great place to chill in bed or have a coffee or two.


Themed Hotels in Singapore to Take You to the Past

Ever wanted to live in the past? All dressed in patterns and flared pants, sleeping next to neon signs? Despite Singapore being such a small country, there are many places where you can have a blast to the past for a night or two and have a vintage evening all to yourself or with friends.


Green Architectural Landmarks in Garden City

Sebastian Chia/author] The “garden city” vision was first introduced by the former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in year 1967. Since then the government has been committed to the greening programme –  a minimum of 10,000 saplings are planted every year in the Tree Planting Campaign. In 2017, a research from the Future Cities Laboratory


Halal Korean Restaurants in Singapore to Break Fast At

With Ramadan approaching, deciding where to break fast will be the talk of every friend group and family. Join in the Hallyu wave by dining into these Halal Korean restaurants, that will surely bring the heat to the table. Here is a list of halal Korean restaurants for you and your friends to visit to

A Practical Guide to Making Right Comparisons of Electricity Price Plans

Which retailer offers the best plan? It depends on the length and type of contract you sign with the electricity retailer. There are currently three types of plans: (1) Fixed discount off regulated tariff offered by SP Group; (2) Fixed price and (3) Peak and off-peak plan which charges different prices on peak and off-peak


5 Movie Inspired Hotels to Fulfill Your Cinematic Dreams

Ever wished you could live in Elsa’s ice castle or in Bilbo Baggin’s hobbit hole, even if it was just for a day? Well, here are five movie inspired hotels from around the world to fulfill your cinematic dreams! Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida Stay inside this former research laboratory that’s fully underwater! Jules Undersea Lodge


10 Signs of Bad Parenting—Don’t Fall Into These Habits

Nobody is perfect, but we can try to nurture our children to be better people. When educating children at home, many parents have experienced unpleasant situations where they realize that their child’s behaviour has changed, but they can’t understand where the problem came from. Actually, a child’s behaviour is a reflection of their parents’ behaviour.


Modern Problems That Occur In Today’s Life

A famous artist from Toulouse, known as Dran, and Gerhard Haderer, an artist from Austria, created paintings, illustrations and street graffiti based on the modern problems happening in the world today. These creative paintings accurately depict the frustrations, sorrows and pains that occur to us daily. Let’s look at 15 undeniably modern issues that are

Bridging The World Through Music main

Bridges Of Hope: Bridging The World Through Music

Club Street, Singapore – Thirty VIPs from various industries, including Guest-of-Honour, His Excellency Mr Ralph Steinegger, Consul of the Swiss Embassy in Singapore, gathered together for a charitable cause in November. Held at Senso on November 14, ‘Bridges of Hope’ was an exclusive collaboration between the Epoch Times Singapore, luxury Swiss watchmaker Corum, and its

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