Salted Egg Yolk is the Game Changer!

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 Julia Lachica 

In today’s competitive F&B scene, everyone is whipping out innovative ideas to grab customers and stay in the game.

Credit: Instagram @mac_lab



Salted Egg Yolk, once considered too salty as a main dish, is the game-changer in F&B today and the ‘must have’ dish on both Asian and Western menus.

Originating from China and derived by soaking duck eggs in brine, salted eggs are traditionally added to boost flavours in congee and mooncakes.

But in 2014, a café in Hong Kong gained instant fame by incorporating salted egg yolk into croissants. It did not take long for Singaporean cafes and restaurants to start popularising the trend.

Salted Egg Croissant (Credit: Antoinette Singapore)

Today the city-state has created some of the world’s iconic salted-egg-yolk products that range from chicken to bread and chips.

Irvins salted Egg Potato Chips (Credit: Irvins Salted Egg)

These brine-soaked duck eggs are unhealthy, though some may argue that they are rich in sodium and have lower calories than salt.

A bag of potato chips, for instance, contains about 540 calories, compared to salted egg yolk chips, which contains 310 calories. A regular plate of fried chicken, on the other hand, has a lower calorie count of 250, compared to 570 for its salted egg yolk selection.

What was a mere side dish for the older generations, is now a marketing craze found in prata, waffles and even cakes – captivating the taste buds of food lovers across the globe.

Salted Egg Crab @ House of Seafood (Credit: The Asian Parent)

Big Street Liu Sha has created the Prata Bomb – stuffed with molten salted egg custard that oozes when you cut it open. One of the most interesting food ‘inventions’ is Dapper Coffee’s Salted egg cake – its tea-flavoured cake is paired with salted egg sauce that leaves you craving for more.

Liu Sha Prata Bomb @ Big Street Singapore (Credit:


Salted Egg Cake @Dapper Coffee (Credit: Instagram @dappercoffee)

Salted egg yolk appears to be one of the rare culinary delights that will blend with almost any dish – as long as you dare to think different.

Food is ever-evolving. Salted egg yolk, a trend which is unlikely to die down just yet, is the game changer, for now. What are your favourite Salted Egg Yolk dishes?


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