Singapore’s Coolest Workspace

SINGAPORE— Located on the 34th floor of One Raffles Place, Spencer Ogden, the region’s leading energy recruiter, launched one of Singapore’s coolest workspaces on 22 January 2015. The space was designed by Bonita Spencer-Percival, the company’s Design Director, with the vision of incorporating home and garden in its office. To keep executives energised while they

Is It Tough to be Virtuous When You are Rich?

Is It Tough to be Virtuous When You are Rich?

TAIWAN—My first teaching experience at an aristocratic private school was fraught with difficulties. I had a student who hurtfully declared, “My mom said we who pay the tuition fees are the boss. Teachers must listen to us.” Once, when I bought pearl milk tea for my students to reward them for their good performance, they

singapore security at a crossroads-2

People and Society at a Crossroads—Part 2

In the previous article, we highlighted the massive changes sweeping through the world since the 1960s. Under the subtle influence of the mass media, traditional values are blithely eroded and replaced by modern liberal values that no longer champion the sanctity of marriage and family. As healthy family units are key building blocks of any

two kids bite off a donut and having fun

Enrich Life by Sharing

Primary School Teacher Dad once shared with me a thought-provoking story. In a devout place where everybody attends Sunday service, there was a businessman who was hooked on bowling. For weeks, he sneaked off to bowl while everybody devoutly said prayers to God.  A little angel in heaven came to know of this and reported

Daddy Are We Rich

Daddy, Are We Rich?

When a child asks, “Dad, are we rich?” the typical American dad will reply, “I am, but you are not. I earned my money through hard work. When you grow up, you can also do the same.” The child who hears this will be motivated to work hard, and he will develop expectations in life.

what women wants for valentines day

What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day

My idea of how Valentine’s Day should be spent has evolved over the years. I had spent 10 years in all-girls schools, which meant celebrating Valentine’s Day with my girlfriends at Orchard Road. I would occasionally wonder when I would start spending Valentine’s Day with an actual date instead. The media was a large influence

Photo 2: Scenery by Goh Siew Guan, UOB Painting of the Year Award Winner.

The 5 Pillars of Art Appreciation

Do you recall the article, “How to Evaluate Good Art?” published in the 17 – 30 October 2014 issue of the Epoch Times? This article is a technical supplement to it. The five pillars of art appreciation are subject matter, form, colour, lines or brushstrokes, and composition. 1. Subject Matter Subject matter basically signifies what

“A Ship of Fools” by Hieronymus Bosch (circa 1450–1516)

‘Ship of Fools’

Art Speaks is the Epoch Times’ global art exploration project. Here we explore works of art created before 1900 from all parts of the world – Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania – and in all mediums whether they be decorative or fine. The goal of Art Speaks is to serve as a forum to diversify

Waves (Credit: Koren Kwan)

Through the Looking-Glass, Colourfully

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. – Oscar Wilde Colourful, delicate, and mesmerising, glass art is an ancient art form that harnesses the beauty of light. Glass painting dates back over a thousand years to the Middle Ages, where it was

9 Best Daiso Beauty Products

9 Best Daiso Beauty Products You Can Find for Just $2

Daiso beauty products are all over the store, but you might be slightly wary of them, given that they’re just $2 each. It’s natural to be concerned about what goes into the products you put on your face. However, do you know that Daiso has a fantastic range of beauty tools with great quality, almost

Marie Kondo : How to Fold Different Types of Clothes

Marie Kondo’s Tips: How to Fold 7 Different Types of Clothes

It’s that time of the year to tidy things up in your home.  What better way to do that than to heed advice from de-cluttering guru Marie Kondo, who has taken the civilized world by storm with her best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”? She advises

Sounds of Spring among Myriad Households (萬戶春聲), Liu Quanzhi (1739-1818), Qing dynasty.

How To Celebrate Chinese New Year Like A Duke From Qing Dynasty

Chia is not the usual type of young man that you would bump into on the streets or inside MRT trains. Despite being very low-profile, he is the dearest grandson of the Chia family. Speaking of the Chia family, they are rather mysterious—only nobles and top-notch celebrities are invited to their ultra-luxury mansion once in

Super Powers of the Boy

The Super Powers of the Boy With the Broken Brain

He suffered two head injuries and failed in almost anything he tried to achieve, until he discovered his super powers Jim Kwik, today a sought-after brain trainer for companies such as Nike and Zappos, started his life with a real challenge. At the age of five, Kwik tripped and fell at school while climbing a

Celebrating The Grandness of Grandparents

Celebrating the Grandness of Grandparents

Do you have a favourite memory of your grandparents, particularly as a child? One of the best times of my childhood was our family trips to Johor, Malaysia to visit my grandparents. Because I knew that once I got there, I would be spoiled rotten. My grandfather or ‘Ah Gong’ would make trips to the

The Untold Story of Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma 

NEW YORK—Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma is so dedicated to the Children’s Orchestra Society that when she went into labour, the natural thing for her to do was to carry on with the music lesson. She coped with her sharp pregnancy pangs by taking frequent bathroom breaks to huff and puff. The orchestra needed a cellist, and

Courtesy of Park Chul-Hwan

An Art Critique on Park Chul-Hwan

Park Chul-Hwan is a famous still-life painter, with a Master of Painting from Hongik University Graduate School of Fine Arts in Seoul, Korea. The Korean artist has held 42 Solo Exhibitions in Seoul, Tokyo, China, Switzerland, Venezuela and New York. Park’s 1st Solo Art Exhibition in Singapore was held from July 4-15 this year, which

The Art of Managing Life: Following the Wisdom of the Ancient Chinese

The Art of Managing Life: Following the Wisdom of the Ancient Chinese

In the Confucian classic The Golden Mean, it is said that “the mandate of heaven is called nature; to follow nature is called the Dao”. In ancient China, farmers got up to work at sunrise and retired at sunset; they also took a rest during rainy days, reading poetry and literature. In modern times, we

His wife Chow Yee Ling and their deceased son Lawrance Chow.jpg

Inspiring Stories: How a Father Turned Despair into Hope

“We lost our dear son over seven years ago at the age of 26 after suffering for many years with manic depression,” Mr Chow Yen Lu shared at his TEDx Talk at St Joseph’s Institution in August 2017. “It was a very dark and difficult time for us, my wife and I. His passing on

Is Life all About Working

Is Life All About Working?

Two years ago, at her final press conference here on 23 September 2013, Aung San Suu Kyi mentioned that Burma could look to Singapore as a model. “A lot of Burmese look to Singapore when they think of economic reforms in our country because they see the success of Singapore, and many of our young people

Get Your Calm On

Get Your Calm On

Breath in. Breath out. Is it that simple to get rid of stress? It’s amazing how much your average worker repeats the “Monday Blues” mantra, while taking every chance they can get to splurge on therapies of the retail, food or travel kind. And small wonder. In 2012, a poll taken by the Health Promotion

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