Enrich Life by Sharing

two kids bite off a donut and having fun
Two boys together bite from the donut. Children enjoy a donut with strawberry frosting. Divide the donut in half. Feeding game for party
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By Huang Zhenyu

Primary School Teacher

Dad once shared with me a thought-provoking story.

In a devout place where everybody attends Sunday service, there was a businessman who was hooked on bowling. For weeks, he sneaked off to bowl while everybody devoutly said prayers to God.  A little angel in heaven came to know of this and reported to God: “Dear Lord, this businessman has not entrusted himself to you. Shouldn’t you teach him a lesson?” God smiled and nodded.

A week later, God increased the frequency of letting him score strikes when he bowled. The businessman was jubilant and elated, but the little angel was rather puzzled and asked God: “Dear Father, why did you not punish that businessman for not entrusting himself to you?” God still smiled and nodded, indicating that he would do so.

Two weeks later, the businessman, feeling that nothing seemed to have happened to him despite skipping church service, sneaked off to bowl again. This time, he striked at every throw. He was overjoyed. The little angel was extremely puzzled and asked God: “Dear Father, it baffles me as to why you let him strike at every throw since you wanted to punish him.  See how happy he is!”

God finally spoke. He said: “Does he seem truly happy?” Puzzled, the little angel looked down and saw the businessman without a smile of achievement. The frustration of not being able to share his joy with others made him very upset. That is because he could not speak out and share with others the achievements of his sneaking out to bowl during Sunday prayer time.  Therefore, to be able to share is a beautiful thing.

Dad shared another story with me. Once, he came home to find two pots of golden trumpet flowers drooping. The potted plant at the front door also lacked water and looked lifeless. Dad started watering the plants at night after the baby fell asleep.

“You are really good at gardening! Your flowers always lift my mood whenever I stroll around the community,”  remarked an old lady who happened to be out for a walk.  She also praised the beautiful flowers and commented how they have made her feel good.

“God must have been touched by my love for gardening and sharing with others,” Dad said. “When I could not make time to tend the garden, different kinds of flowers bloomed and presented to passers-by a pleasing sight.  As is the case, I generously give away my flower seedlings to anyone who likes it, as passing on beautiful things to others is a form of sharing.

“Sharing is not confined to expensive things. It can be a piece of candy, a personal idea, and even a little flower that you cultivated.  As long as it is in sincere faith, sharing is a wonderful thing.”

A quick remark from Dad:

Life becomes more enriching if we know how to share. We will not lose anything because we have shared; rather, our spirit will be more enriched.

Life becomes more enriching if we know how to share. Instead of losing everything, our mind will be more enriched.

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