Voices of Singapore’s Elderly

Dignity Kitchen: Giving Seniors a Slice of Happiness
Elderly Chinese men playing their favourite board game, checkers in Chinatown on April 12, 2016 in Singapore.
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Tell Us About Your Retirement Life?

Mr Onn, 71

Mr Onn
Mr Onn, 71

I usually hang around here playing chess or chatting with my friends, watching television, reading the newspapers and eating. The worst is if I have no money in my pockets.

I have grandchildren. I live with my son and grandchildren.

I don’t have much savings but my two children will give me allowance every month, which is enough to get by.

Mr Huang Fu Ling, 86

I have been retired now for around 10 years. I usually sit around near the market, people watching, drinking tea and chit-chatting.

I live with my wife. My children stay nearby. My children and grandchildren will visit me often. Usually, I will read newspapers and watch television when I am at home.

My life is quite fulfilled. My children will give me allowance every month. What I hope for is good health and the ability to sleep, walk and eat.

Mr Leow Yong Fun, 79


I have retired for 16 years now. I usually spend my time travelling around Singapore. I have three children and four grandchildren. I see them often because they live nearby.

My children each give me $100 per month. So I receive $300 a month, do you think it is enough? I have used up my savings and CPF long ago.

I just live by the day. I am a member of the Hakka Clan, and I take part in its activities occasionally. I have some friends from the Hakka Clan, but my friends are getting fewer and fewer as they pass away.

Mdm Yap, 67

I usually stay at home to do housework. I live with my son and daughter-in-law. I have no grandchildren yet. I have three sons. I live by my sons’ allowance. I have a small amount of savings.

Mr Liu, 71

We usually hang around this elderly corner to chat, gamble, quarrel, and enjoy cups of coffee. We talk about politics and nonsensical stuff.

I am not sure if our lives are fulfilled. But most importantly, the government must give enough cash payouts to the elderly. If we have cash, we can do anything and our life will be more relaxed.

The most important is cash payouts. It is useless to put the money in our MediShield.

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