10 Bargain Items to Buy in Mustafa Centre

(Credit: regan725 @ Instagram)
(Credit: regan725 @ Instagram)
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A premier 24-hour shopping centre, Mustafa Centre prides itself in its vast range of goods and services at famously competitive prices.

It’s a hot spot for locals looking for electronics, money exchange rates, family value packs, and other items at bargain rates compared to other retailers across Singapore.

Here are 10 bargain items at Mustafa Centre you shouldn’t miss!


(Credit: TripAdvisor)
(Credit: TripAdvisor)

1. Gold and Jewellery

Located in Basement 1 of Mustafa Centre, the jewellery section carries a dizzying range of jewellery and gold for any occasion. Bracelets, anklets, necklaces or investment pieces – the mall goes the whole nine yards. Gold prices are also transparent, with a monitor displaying the prices in real time.

Investment-grade precious metals, like gold or silver bullions, are also found at Mustafa. With no sales tax in Singapore for these pieces, it’s a great wedding gift or an anniversary gift for your parents.


(Credit: collegeofcuriosity @ Instagram)
(Credit: collegeofcuriosity @ Instagram)

2. Electronics

Reportedly 10-20 percent cheaper than regular prices in a mall, Mustafa offers great bargains on electronics as well. They cater to both old school users and tech junkies. Not only do they sell items like DVDs and radios, but they also offer the latest iPhone or SmartTV.

The next time you’re looking to buy a specific gadget, try browsing around the electronics section in Basement 2 of Mustafa Centre! Remember to always compare prices between shops before splurging.


(Credit : Mustafa Foreign Exchange)
(Credit : Mustafa Foreign Exchange)

3. Exchange Rates

Known for being one of the few money changers that are also open at night, Mustafa Foreign Exchange offers decent exchange rates for those travelling! It is said that the best currencies to exchange there are RMB, HKD, IDR, INR, MYR, and PHP.

Try bargaining for the best rates with the money-teller, especially if you’re changing a larger amount of money. Additionally, always check and compare the posted exchange rates online before going down to the money changer, unless you’re in a rush! The money exchangers are located in Level 1 of Mustafa Centre.


(Credit: nick_3365_49.8 @ Instagram)
(Credit: nick_3365_49.8 @ Instagram)

4. Family Packs

Maximise your dollar on household items by buying family packs or value packs. Mustafa stocks many value packs of groceries and toiletries, where you get more items for less (at a further discounted price).

We recommend visiting Mustafa for value-packed snacks during festive seasons like Christmas or New Year’s!


(Credit: gary_steele30 @ Instagram)
(Credit: gary_steele30 @ Instagram)

5. Fabrics

With its endless rolls of fabric and other crafting materials, Mustafa is one of the best places to get project materials or DIY supplies. Fabrics are sold by the metre and the price varies according to design and quality.

Besides fabrics, Mustafa Centre sells plastic sheets by the metre as well. These make excellent table protectors and book covers, and we recommend picking some up for your children’s storybooks or dining table! They vary in thickness and strength as well.


(Credit: navin_kal @ Instagram)
(Credit: navin_kal @ Instagram)

6. Chocolate

Chocolates make great gifts and snacks, but prices for good chocolate can be steep.  Luckily, Mustafa offers really affordable chocolate of many kinds. The most commonly found ones are those from Cadbury and festive goodies in a larger pack.

Buy a couple packs for special occasions or when guests come over! You can find the chocolate section on Level 2 of Mustafa Centre.


(Credit : cunningquestion @ Instagram)
(Credit : cunningquestion @ Instagram)

7. Souvenirs

If you just returned from a trip overseas but didn’t buy back enough souvenirs, Mustafa has got your back. The mall sells souvenirs from around the world, such as authentic-looking mugs, keychains and pouches from the UK.

You can also pick up some unique souvenirs like Merlion durian cookies or Merlion mangosteen cookies at Mustafa. Find this section on Level 2 near the chocolates!


8. Perfumes

Perfumes and colognes are another one of Mustafa’s bestsellers, and their prices are unbeatable – some brands are priced at nearly half the regular retail price. Pick up some of your favourite scents from Hugo Boss or Marc Jacobs while you’re there the next time.

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BiXJlkZnj57/ width=1000px]

Online reviews tout Mustafa to have a well laid-out and extensive range of scents in the perfume section, which is found on Level 1.


9. Toiletries

A lifesaver for many households, Mustafa provides toiletries and other household necessities at highly accessible prices. Soaps of all kinds and shapes are available at the mall- bars, liquid, organic, souvenirs, and so on.

Mustafa usually has ongoing promotions where the prices are cheaper if you buy in bulk. Make sure you stock up on toiletries when you visit the section on Level 1!


(Credit:zoon.lazyplay @ Instagram )
(Credit:zoon.lazyplay @ Instagram )

10. Shoes

Divided into six sections spanning across Basement 1 and 2, Mustafa means business when it comes to offering footwear of every shape, size, and design. Cheaper than regular stores, their shoes are mostly exports from South Asia or other parts of Southeast Asia.

With shoes crammed from floor to the ceiling, Mustafa offers them for as cheap as $15 or less a pair. Some customers have reportedly walked away with over 10 pairs of shoes at a time!

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