12 Best Limited Edition Items From McDonald’s

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While nothing beats a good ol’ fries and McSpicy combo at McDonald’s, their limited edition menu items are a delightful treat for the adventurous. Featuring 12 of McDonald’s limited edition items, walk down memory lane with us as we hope for a comeback!

1) Prosperity Burger

McDonald 06
(Credit: McDonald’s)

This seasonal menu item has made annual comebacks during Chinese New Year, pleasing many with its juicy black pepper burger. Get the full prosperity experience with McDonald’s signature curly fries and McFizz! Offered in chicken, beef and double patty versions, the prosperity burger is worth the visit every time it makes a comeback.

2. Nasi Lemak Burger

McDonald 003
(Credit: McDonald’s)

When it was first launched in July 2017 to celebrate National Day, the Nasi Lemak burger was so successful it sold out in two weeks. This locally inspired burger has now made a wildly popular comeback for Ramadan. Paired with fresh cucumbers and the famous nasi lemak chilli, try it out before McDonald’s takes it off the menu again!

3. Seasonal Fries

McDonald 08
(Credit: Straits Times)

A cult favourite among customers, McDonald’s seasonal fries are an integral part of the McDonald’s experience. Regulars will be familiar with the favourite curly fries and the seaweed shaker fries, but have you tried the other versions? Criss cross fries, kimchi shaker fries, and salt & pepper crab shaker curly fries are some that have hit the market as well.

4. Seoul Spicy Burger

McDonald 01
(Credit: McDonald’s)

McDonald’s has always been great at riding trends in Singapore. With the explosive popularity of K-pop, it’s no wonder the Seoul Spicy Burger was introduced to the masses. Available in beef or chicken, the burger’s spicy Korean flavours are a sure hit with those who love their Asian food. Top off the meal with some complementary kimchi shaker fries!

5. Bottled Curry Sauce

McDonald 11
(Credit: AllSingaporeStuff)Priced at $4.50 per bottle, McDonald’s favourite sauce was sold commercially in limited quantities. Selling out in a few hours nationwide, it was an instant hit for those who wanted to pair this homely sauce with virtually anything. Despite the explosive sales, McDonald’s has since discontinued its sales past that eventful week.

6. McGriddles

McDonald 09
(Credit: McDonald’s)

A smooth fusion of sweet and savoury, this breakfast burger is great at elevating your mornings with its delicious simplicity. Its comeback made a huge splash in the McDonald’s fanbase, coming in two versions: Sausage McGriddles and Sausage McGriddles with Egg. Drizzle it with their maple syrup and indulge in a decadent breakfast!

7. Quarter Pounder Burger

McDonald 12
(Credit: McDonald’s)

Taken off the menu last December, many enjoyed the substantial beef patty in a classic cheeseburger. The patty’s smokiness is reminiscent of flame-grilled meat, and it is topped with pickles and onions to cut through the greasiness. Although smaller versions like the cheeseburger and double cheeseburger are still available, the quarter pounder will remain a favourite amongst classic burger addicts.

8. Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger

McDonald 05
(Credit: McDonald’s)

Sometimes riding popular food trends pay off, especially for McDonald’s Salted Egg Yolk Burger when the salted egg yolk trend took Singapore by storm. Their decadent salted egg yolk sauce is paired with a crispy chicken fillet and curry leaves. Fresh vegetables balance out the burger’s rich taste and leave one wanting more! As this was a favourite limited edition item, we are hoping McDonald’s will bring it back!

9. Ebi Burger

McDonald 10
(Credit: McDonald’s)

Another beloved limited edition item is the Ebi Burger. This shrimp burger is deliciously crisp with Japanese-inspired flavours, with fresh whole shrimp found inside the patty. Seafood being a rarity in the fast food industry, the ebi burger was a hit amongst seafood lovers. Introduced alongside the banana pie, it was a shame to see the Ebi Burger taken down from the menu.

10. Limited Edition Pies

McDonald 13
(Credit: Burpple)

McDonald’s pies have been a longtime menu item with plenty of flavours introduced over the years. Alongside the classic apple pie, the seasonal flavours introduced include banana, chocolate, peach, among others. The crispy and buttery crust encapsulates the filling well, while the inner lining soaks up the sauce. We will surely miss the chocolate pie once it’s taken off the menu!

11. Fish McDippers

McDonald 02
(Credit: GoodyFeed)

Introduced in the early 2000s, those who used to frequent McDonald’s 15 years ago might remember the Fish McDippers. Now discontinued in Singapore, it is still offered in other countries like Japan. The McDippers were fish nuggets that came with either mayonnaise or tartar sauce. A childhood favourite, it’s missed by many in Singapore.

12. Ha Ha Cheong Gai Burger

McDonald 07
(Credit: McDonald’s)

Local flavours have never been more concentrated in a McDonald’s menu item than the Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger. The chicken patty is marinated in the famous red prawn paste, and topped with mayo chilli and fresh cucumbers. At the same time, McDonald’s also introduced other local delights like the  D24 McFlurry and Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Drumlets. We thoroughly enjoyed it while it lasted!


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