8-Yo Boy Hikes 21.8KM up the Mountain for 2 Days to Fulfil Promise to Late Mother, Touches Netizens for His Determination

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Taiwan’s Jade Mountain (Yushan), the highest peak in Taiwan at 3,952 m (12,966 ft) above sea level is one of Asia’s mountain climbing hotspots.

However, this 8-year-old boy, Zou Zegang, wanted to conquer the Jade Mountain, because he hopes that he could be as close as possible to his late mother in heaven.

23rd August 2019, the father, Zou Pinwei, has posted their trekking and hiking journey on Facebook.

In order to fulfil his final promise to his late mother, 8-year-old Zegang carried a beautiful photo of her along with him throughout his whole journey to the main peak of the Jade Mountain.

He had overcome all obstacles that came along during his 21.8 kilometers hiking and trekking for 2 days, with the hope that his mother in heaven could see him.

According to his father Zou Pinwei, his late wife told their son Zegang a story about the Jade Mountain in 2015. Zegang wanted to climb it with her, but she had gone through surgery on her leg and thus were unable to do so.

So she told him, “When you explore the world in the future, you can bring along my things with you.” That was a promise made before she passed away in 2017.

Zegang did not forget their promise, he told his father, “Yushan is the highest peak in Taiwan, it is the nearest place to heaven, I will be closer to Mummy over there!”

Pinwei decided to help his son fulfil his dream. He trained him for the challenging climb so that he could be prepared for the summit. On the 17th of August, they set off together with two other family friends.

During their journey, Zegang experienced various symptoms of mountain sickness, but he was able to overcome them with the help of his father and his strong determination to be nearer to his mother.

They finally arrived at the summit on the 19th of August. Zegang took out his late mother’s photo and shouted, “Mummy, we’re here, I’ve carried you to the peak of Jade Mountain!”

Zegang finally fulfilled his promise to his mother 591 days after she passed away.

Pinwei was touched that his son could finally feel the love of his mother again, because to him, she has never really left.

In order to conquer the Jade Mountain was not an easy task. In fact, it is extremely challenging, especially to an 8-year-old child. However, Zegang’s love for his late mother is so great that he managed to overcome various obstacles to fulfil his promise.

The determination and perseverance showed by the boy have touched thousands of hearts. Although his mother has passed away, the love and the bond between the family are stronger than ever.

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