Top Singaporean Online Shopping Sites for Fresh Groceries

Credit: sashasfinefoods @ Instagram
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By Emma

The demand for online grocery shopping in Singapore has been increasing over the last few years. This is predominantly because online store shopping, unlike brick and mortar store shopping, has become frighteningly convenient. 

Online shopping, including grocery shopping, is simple and convenient as you only need to use your smartphone to access an online grocery store, make an order, and get it delivered quickly. With online grocery shopping, you avoid having to carry heavy bags of groceries and the long queues at the supermarket.

Moreover, online shopping for groceries and other items is even more encouraged now as the world, including Singapore, grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic. To tackle this global health crisis, health experts are advising us to observe social distancing and stay indoors. As such, if you need groceries for your family, online shopping is the way to go. 

Here, we bring you a list of the top online stores to choose from for fresh groceries in Singapore.

1. Redmart

Credit: RedMartcom @ Facebook
Credit: RedMartcom @ Facebook
Credit: redmartcom @ Instagram

I have not been fortunate enough to unearth why this online grocery store was named Redmart. However, what I know is that it is one of the most famous and largest online grocery stores you can access in Singapore. 

As of now, Redmart operates solely online, which means that you, as the customer, can even get more savings and better prices. This is because an online grocery business does not incur any overhead costs for store staff and rental.

With Redmart, you can get almost every type of grocery you need. You can shop for fresh foods and fruits, vegetables, baby food, alcohol, dairy products, baking ingredients, dry foodstuffs, and other household supplies.

Additionally, Redmart offers reasonable prices for its groceries when compared with supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice. In addition, for every purchase, you automatically earn Redmart Credits, which can come in handy to offset a future purchase.

2. NTUC FairPrice

Credit: fairpricesg @ Instagram

NTUC FairPrice has over 100 outlets across Singapore. Its online grocery store offers its many customers an extensive selection of local, Asian, and Western brands. Things you can find include poultry, fresh foods, organic produce, fruits and vegetables, fresh sushi, alcohol, fresh seafood, and many more.

FairPrice’s online prices are cheaper than those in its supermarkets. The prices fall even further when it comes to their clearance sales of groceries that are overstocked or nearing expiry. You can expect to get a great deal.

FairPrice also offers a loyalty card you can access to accrue points when you make purchases. The points can be redeemed with purchases.

3. Sasha’s Fine Foods

Credit: sashasfinefoods @ Instagram
Credit: sashasfinefoods @ Instagram
Credit: sashasfinefoods @ Instagram

This specialty grocery store is popular with availing to its customers a wide range of carefully sourced, superior quality grocery items such as meat and seafood. 

If you are a shopper who pays particular attention to the quality and origins of your food, then you should choose Sasha’s Fine Foods for fresh, sustainable produce free from hormones, pesticides, and preservatives.

This online grocery store supports small farms both locally and abroad, with a focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness. Sasha Colan, the store’s founder, sources for her products by travelling around the globe – visiting Australian cattle lands, the English countryside, and other places.

Sasha’s Fine Foods offers free-range pork and free-range chicken both sourced from Wicks Manor Farm in England. Another popular bestseller is the Mount Cook alpine salmon (freshwater) sourced from New Zealand.

Sasha’s also offers fresh, natural premium ingredients. You will know what you are consuming as each product and fresh food is labelled with its country of origin.

4. Huber’s Butchery

Credit: hubersbutchery @ Instagram
Credit: hubersbutchery @ Instagram
Credit: hubersbutchery @ Instagram

This family-owned premium specialty store is top-rated amongst not only expats but also Singaporeans. For an extensive selection of meat varieties, look no further. You can shop for cold cuts, sausages, prime cuts, and others. 

If you are a meat lover like me, you’ll have an abundance of options including lamb, beef, veal, pork and chicken; marinated or otherwise. The online store also offers seafood and gourmet groceries such as fresh herbs, vegetables, bread, and cheese.

This online store directly imports its meat supplies from farms, and all the sausages and hams are in-house produced, essential for ensuring you get the best quality possible.

The experience of online shopping is fuss-free, eliminating the need to comb through rows and rows of items in a supermarket.

5. Cold Storage

Credit: coldstoragesg @ Instagram
Credit: coldstoragesg @ Instagram
Credit: sg.coldstorage @ Facebook

Cold Storage is another popular supermarket in Singapore with more than 48 physical stores, mainly in areas synonymous with large communities of expats. 

Cold Storage has an extensive stock of international brands, including the Waitrose line! There is also an extensive collection of seafood, alcohol, meat, vegetables, fresh fruit, bread, and fresh organic produce available for your shopping needs.

Cold Storage’s online store is also known to offer organic snacks and fruits, including blackberries and figs, which may be hard to find in other supermarkets.

There is an EZ-Link Passion card you can use to accrue points and then use for purchase.

6. Little Farms

Credit: carrascoiberico @ Instagram
Credit: purelifebakery @ Instagram
Credit: lnude_sg @ Instagram
Credit: littlefarms @ Instagram

Little Farms is known for its natural, fresh, and ethical options. The grocery store air freights most of its produce daily from Australia, Europe, and even further beyond. This guarantees that you can only purchase the freshest, organic seasonal food for your family.

Little Farms offers fruits and vegetables (organic fruits and vegetables, avocados, berries), meat and seafood (sausages, poultry, fish, pork, lamb, etc.), dairy products, and eggs. They also sell beverages including juices and smoothies, coffee, tea, cocoa, coconut water, wine, spirits, and beers. For your bakery needs, they offer bread and cakes as well. 

Because Little Farms deals with farm owners directly, they have cut out the middleman, and the savings are passed on to the customer.

In conclusion, it is good to have a few online grocery shopping options to choose from, as online grocery stores experience an increased demand for their services that may lead to delivery delays, price hikes, or even stocks running out. 

Help maintain social distancing through online shopping for fresh foods, to save time and reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

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