Ultimate Guide to Singapore’s Affordable Spa & Massage

Work can get undoubtedly stressful in the City of Lion. Sometimes all you need is an hour break to unwind, give your body a little TLC (tender loving care) with a much needed massage. With Singapore being one of the most expensive city in the world, one might think that it will be impossible to

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Being a Single Mother and Entrepreneur

By Vibrant Dot Staff “Raising a child is challenging. Raising a child alone is even more so.” —Slogan of AWARE Singapore for the launch of  # asinglelove. Motherhood is not an easy journey. Taking care after bundles of joy also brings pain and sorrow. The hardest part of motherhood for a woman is dealing with

Loving a Child with Autism

By Vibrant Dot Staff Liza Foong and her daughter Vanessa Wang were rushing to meet us on the day of the interview when 18-year-old Vanessa fell down along the way. After apologising for being late, Liza sat down and regaled us with her colourful and gleeful account of raising a child with autism. Throughout the

24-year-old Bangladeshi poet and migrant construction worker Md Mukul Hossine.

Home Away From Home: Me Migrant

Md Mukul Hossine, who hails from Patgram, Bangladesh, is a migrant worker in Singapore. The published writer holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences and has been working as a construction worker since 2008. His parents, who are farmers, had sold everything they had to send him to Singapore to pursue a better life. Working

The Courage to Dream: Conquering Mount Everest

By Vibrant Dot Staff Do you dare to climb Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak at 8,850m above sea level? Taming Mount Everest has long been an endeavour sought after by many intrepid travellers, but the treacherous terrain, situated in the Mahalangur mountain range in Nepal and Tibet, is also a deadly zone that has


The Emergency of June 24, 1948

Terrorism – a term we too often easily associate with suicide bombings or car bombings. In contrast to the peace and security people enjoy now, terrorism once took place in Singapore – bomb blasts were no stranger to Singapore in the 1950s due to the onset of communist terror that occurred after World War II.

Financial Trends: What a Cashless Singapore Would Look Like 

At the opening session of the Singapore Economic Review Conference 2015 held just before National Day, Mr Ravi Menon, Managing Director at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), gave an inspiring talk titled ‘An Economic History of Singapore: 1965 – 2065’, in which he revealed: In 1965, Singapore’s nominal GDP per capita was around US$500

Singapore: Securing Tomorrow’s Energy

Finding a green alternative to fossil fuels can never get this tough for Singapore – we can’t use wind turbines due to our low wind speeds; hydropower plants are not feasible as we don’t have fast-flowing rivers; our calm seas say no to tidal power generation; and our city is so highly populated that the

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10 Best Char Kway Teow Places in Singapore

Char kway teow, one of our favourite hawker foods, is a staple in Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine. Penang may be known for the best char kway teow, but Singapore offers some competitive options as well. Here are our top 10 best places to eat char kway teow in Singapore.   1. Hill Street Char Kway


10 of the Best Hawker Centre Chicken Rice in Singapore

Go back to the basics with great chicken rice at affordable prices! Hawker centres pull no punches when it comes to catering great local food to tourists and locals. Here are 10 of the best chicken rice stalls in Singapore. 1.Tian Tian Chicken Rice A tourist-famous stall located in the heart of the infamous Maxwell


10 Best Chilli Crab in Singapore 2019

By Vibrant Dot StaffChilli crab is a Singapore national dish that many locals and foreigners love. Although the crab is what we crave, the sauce is usually the main highlight of the dish, with steamed or deep fried buns (mantou) complementing it delectably. Here are the 10 best places in Singapore to eat chilli crab.

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10 Best Hokkien Noodles in Singapore 2019

Singaporeans love Hokkien Mee. In contrast to the Malaysian version which uses dark soy sauce and thick noodles, the Singaporean version uses yellow noodles with bee hoon and is cooked with pork or prawn stock. We have gathered 10 best Hokkien Noodles in Singapore. Let’s see which stall makes it to the list!   1.

After Land Reclamation, What’s Next?

Singapore is a land scarce country with a land area of just 714 square kilometres, accommodating approximately 5.54 million inhabitants as of mid-2015. The city-state is the world’s third most densely populated country after Macau and Monaco, with a population density of 7,697 people per sq km. Since 1980, Singapore’s land size has expanded by

Expanding CHARLES & KEITH’s Global Footprint

Mr Charles Wong, the Chief Executive Officer of CHARLES & KEITH Group of Companies, was able to build a humble shoe store into an international brand without borrowing from banks or investors. But how did he accomplish this feat? In a two-hour session at NTUitive on June 24, Mr Wong recounted his entrepreneurial journey, which


Singapore is Heading to Space 

But it’s not what you think. It happened when I was watching this year’s new National Day music video. As the six-piece 53A band strummed away, singing “Tomorrow’s here today”, icons of nostalgia like a plastic stool, formica tables, trishaws and our now-celebrated dragon playground were paraded with pride across the screen. But remembering how

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Can Vertical Farms Feed Singapore?

On July 8, a vertical farm was officially opened at the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Centre for Adults by Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan Jin. Situated in Kembangan-Chai Chee Community Hub, the vertical farm is geared towards teaching farming skills to individuals with mild intellectual disabilities. Vertical farming, or

A Driverless Future

A Driverless Future in Singapore?

The tiny and compact city of Singapore is home to 5.54 million inhabitants, both citizens and foreigners. This figure is expected to rise by a third to 6.9 million over the next two decades, according to the 2013 White Paper on population. Our public transport services have been exhausted by the influx of commuters. Every


10 Things Not To Miss at Jewel Changi

2019 has been amazing to Changi Airport thus far, after being crowned as the World’s Best Airport for the seventh consecutive year! You can imagine the enormous hype when it was announced that Singapore’s latest icon Jewel Changi Airport opens its door to the public this month. Designed and led by the same team (Safdie

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