12 Foods to Buy at Don Don Donki

12 foods to buy at Don Don Donki
(Credit: Don Don Donki @ Facebook)
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Don Don Donki is rising rapidly in Singapore as the new supermarket of choice for many. This versatile japanese supermarket offers a great selection of delicious Japanese foods all on the go. Here are 12 delicious food options that you can pick up at Don Don Donki!

1.Pringles Cup Noodles

(Credit: Burpple)

The lovechild of Pringles and Instant Noodles, this cup noodles deliver exactly what they claim. The flavouring of Sour Cream and Chives is surprisingly strong and alike the original can of chips, a little greasy and salty. It’s worth a try for Pringle fans and curious souls looking for an interesting snack!


2. Kaisen Don

(Credit: Burpple)

Kaisendon is a bowl of rice topped with various sashimi- from the crowd favourite salmon to ebi. Also topped with tobiko, the rice is served slightly warm with a kaisendon sauce! Other dons like ebi fry don and salmon belly don are also available at Don Don Donki. It costs around $10 and is a good quality Japanese dinner that’s fast!


3. Sashimi platter

(Credit: Burpple)

Air flown from different parts of the world, Don Don Donki’s sashimi is fresh and provides platters for convenient eating as well. This Mekajiki (swordfish) and Salmon sashimi platter costs $22 and is generously with their thick slices. You could also buy an uncut block of sashimi and request the kitchen staff to slice it for you! Head down to Don Don Donki anytime sashimi cravings hit you!


4. Dango

(Credit: Don Don Donki @ Facebook)

A classic sweet Japanese treat, the Dango is also a popular food item found in Don Don Donki. Soft chewy rice balls are paired with a delectable sweetened soy sauce glaze. Coming in 2 flavours, the dango is also paired with a roasted soy bean powder for those who do not like the soy sauce glaze. Pick some up for a quick snack at $2 per skewer!


5. Yakitori

(Credit: Burpple)

Don Don Donki’s delicatessen offers some of the best yet affordable yakitori. The pictured Ikayaki costs $3.90 and makes a great pairing for cold beer! We also recommend the other yakitori like chicken karaage and salmon belly. At Orchard Central’s Hokkaido Marche (Don Don Donki’s foodcourt), Yakitori Tsuyoshi also serves up affordable yakitori dishes and dons


6. Naganuma Ice Co’s creme brulee soft serve ice cream

(Credit: Burpple)

Another crowd favourite, the Creme Brulee Soft Serve Ice Cream unsurprisingly sells out fast. A decadent yet not overly sweet, Naganuma is the only certified restaurant in Singapore that sells authentic Hokkaido raw milk. Their soft serve flavours also included rich milk, chocolate, apples and matcha!


7. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

(Credit: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Singapore @ Facebook)

Located at the City Square Mall outlet, this ramen chain is famous for its handmade broth and is minimally seasoned with salt to allow maximum natural flavours to shine through. They have 3 soup bases- miso, shio and shoyu that’s always paired with indulgent charsiu. We recommend getting their shio ramen as it’s mild, a departure from usual thick rich ramen broths. Try it out as a dinner option the next you’re at City Square Mall!


8. Yaki-Imo or Roasted sweet potato

(Credit: Burpple)

If you’ve seen a long queue at Don Don Donki, chances are it’s for their infamous roasted sweet potato. It costs $2.80 and is freshly roasted on premise every day. This popular food item sells out so fast that customers are only allowed to buy 2 sweet potatoes per person. Sweet and fluffy- try out the hyped food item for yourself!


9. Okinawa Brown Sugar Pearls with Hokkaido Milk

(Credit: Burpple)

A blend of famous Japanese local products- Don Don Donki sells their own version of bubble tea that does not disappoint. The basic drink is the Okinawa Brown Sugar Pearls with Hokkaido Milk. They guarantee that the brown sugar is 100% from Okinawa and it comes in another version with whipped cream. Costing $3.90 per cup, this drink is worth a try and is reminiscent of the famous Tiger Sugar!


10. Takosen

(Credit: Don Don Donki Singapore @ Facebook)

Takosen is a Japanese snack where takoyaki balls are sandwiched between 2 large crackers with tempura toppings. Handheld and easy to eat, this treat balances soft and crispy textures. It costs only $2.90 and you can top up with other delicious toppings like Mac and Cheese. Pick up this rare treat the next time you’re in Don Don Donki!


11. Fruits

(Credit: Don Don Donki Singapore @ Facebook)

Japanese fruits are well known for its amazing quality and Don Don Donki does not let down with its selection of Japanese fruits. With large variety of apples, we recommend picking up a few that’s already pre-packaged into $3.90 deals. Insanely sweet and addictive, this is a must buy for those who enjoy snacking on fruits. We also recommend getting their strawberries which are always fresh and sells out fast.


12. Hokkaido Milk Gelato

(Credit: Don Don Donki Singapore @ Facebook)

Another food item from Naganuma Ice, their hokkaido milk gelato is a treat for anyone looking for a cold dessert. Coming in at least 12 flavours, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Popular flavours like fresh milk and double cheese, bring out the raw milk excellently and also pairs with flavoured ones like Kyoho Grape and Huscup Yogur. Cool down from shopping with a cup of gelato from Don Don Donki’s foodcourt!

If you are a fan of Japanese products, check out the must-try items you can buy exclusively at Don Don Donki!



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