11 Quirky Mooncake Flavors to Get In 2019

Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us and besides all the good reunion food that finds themselves on the table, mooncakes are not to miss. The flavours of mooncake just get more unique and quirkier each year. There’s nothing bad about it, in fact, most people enjoy seeing what mooncake bakers can come up with and it

Trendy Glasses Styles for 2019

2019 is definitely a year of stylish glasses looks. People don’t just wear spectacles on prescriptions, but more of them are wearing for style. One of the quickest ways to update your style would be getting a pair of brand new frames, right? Reading glasses have become an essential piece for fashion lovers, which explains

Paradigm Mall JB

8 things to do in Paradigm Mall JB

Open since November 2017, Paradigm Mall JB is one of the largest malls in Johor with over 500 retail shops sitting in its seven-storey building. Its ideal location within the Skudai district and is only around 15.5km from Woodlands Checkpoint, making it easily accessible to not only locals but also tourists, especially Singaporeans. Here are

Mustafa that are Cheaper than NTUC Fair Price

16 Items at Mustafa that are Cheaper than NTUC Fair Price

“Budget shopping” – perhaps that’s what you’d hear the most about shopping at Mustafa. Is that really true? To find out, we headed down to the bustling shopping center for a survey. And the results? In general, prices for both are quite competitive, with one matching another almost exactly. However, there are certain items that

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8 Places to Explore in Changi Village

Changi Village may be right at the corner of Singapore and can be so easily forgotten. Truth is, Changi Village is quite the hidden gem, filled with a rich history of its own and can be an ample place to be away from the ever so bustling city. The neighbourhood is just mere minutes away

singapore dating

Best Dating Apps in Singapore

Have you been single for the longest time or lost hope in finding your one true love? Or perhaps you just need to get hitched to experience what it’s like to be in a relationship?  If you don’t know where to meet your future partner, check out these Singapore dating apps that you can join

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13 Reasons Why You Should Visit Funan Mall

What was once referred to as the home to all things digital and tech has finally reopened after three years and a $560 million make over! Funan Mall is back and it’s the latest shopping mall by Capitaland, we must say Funan is a mall unlike any other. The futuristic mall boasts six storeys and

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8 Best Zi Char Restaurants in Singapore

When friends ask me what’s a must-eat cuisine in Singapore, I’d say zi char (tze char). Cooked with a lot of love, the Chinese cooking mixed with culinary twists from other cultures has united many people over a hearty meal. There are so many zi char joints in Singapore, and you may have your favourite

MUJI Singapore

15 Products to Bring Home from MUJI Singapore

MUJI is a well-known Japanese retail company which offers an extensive selection of products such as household items, furniture, stationary, fashion, food and more.  Their products are high quality, stylish and promote a minimalist lifestyle, one of the many reasons why MUJI is such a popular brand among locals and foreigners alike. Aside from their

Singapore’s Cashless Payment Landscape

Who Will Dominate Singapore’s Cashless Payment Landscape? 

“Hi Cindy. Can you transfer some e-angpow to my WeChat account?” My friend Tony’s message suddenly popped up on my phone screen. He went to Guangzhou not long ago and we mainly communicated via WeChat as WhatsApp does not work very well there. “What? But I don’t have any bankcards linked up with my WeChat.

Don Don Donki

17 Japanese Experiences You Can Get in Orchard Central

Japan is one of those countries you long to return to, even if you’ve only been there once. There’s just something about its culture, the way of life there and the people that make Japan the great traveling destination it is. If your next trip back to Japan still seems a long way off, fret

christal foo

9 Best Japanese Hot Pots Other Than Shabu Sai

Singaporeans like Japanese hot pot a lot. Who doesn’t? Shabu Sai may be one of the most famous places to enjoy great Japanese hot pot in Singapore, but there are many restaurants out there that serve really good ones too. Here are the 10 best Japanese hot pots other than Shabu Sai for your next

Korean BBQ

10 Best Korean BBQ Buffet That Will Satisfy Your Meat Cravings

The Korean BBQ trend is growing rapidly among Singaporeans. If you don’t already know, Korean BBQ is nothing like our regular backyard BBQ, no – it is far more than that, it teaches us the art of meat grilling. For those who are into the K-drama ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’, you know it shows

14 Must Try Foods in 7-Eleven Singapore

14 Must Try Foods in 7-Eleven Singapore

By Vibrant Dot Staff 7-Eleven is a one stop convenience store and a go-to stop for a quick bite on a busy day or a late night snack. What you might not know of is its extensive range of food and beverage products offered, both local and international. Look closely and you will be able

Japanese Makeup brands

Best Japanese Cosmetics You Can Find in Singapore

Japanese cosmetics are known around the world for being very high quality, coming in pretty packaging and best of all, affordable. Luckily for us, there’s quite a good range of Japanese cosmetics here in Singapore, and you don’t have to fly to Japan to stock up on your beauty needs. Here is a list of

Large Powder Brush

10 Must Have Makeup Tools and How To Use Them

By Vibrant Dot Staff Despite what you may think, makeup brushes are not reserved for just makeup artists and pros. In fact, you may notice that some of the most renowned makeup artists use their hands and fingers to blend and apply makeup to the skin. Yet, for most of us, especially makeup beginners, we

Vietnamese Restaurants

15 of the Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore (Recommended by Vietnamese)

Speaking of Vietnamese cuisine, most people would think of ‘Pho’ — beef noodles with rich, super-yummy broth — or ‘Banh Mi’, a metaphorical flavour grenade packed in crisp-outer-and-soft-inner baguette. While these dishes are all-time favourites, there’s so much more to explore. Below are the top 15 Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore that we are recommending for your

Trendy Boutique Hotels in Malacca

10 Trendy Boutique Hotels in Malacca 2019

Singaporeans like to travel for a short getaway, especially during long weekends. With Malaysia’s proximity and superb exchange rate, Malacca is a perfect option to enjoy good food and do some shopping around this famous UNESCO world heritage site. Here are the 10 best trendy boutique hotels in Malacca. The Majestic Malacca Ideally situated in

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