Survey: Are Singaporeans Working Too Hard?

By Vibrant Dot Staff The Epoch Times interviewed 31 office workers around Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) to find answers to this question: “Are Singaporeans working too hard?” 80 percent of the 31 respondents work more than eight hours a day, while half of them work more than 10 hours a day. 73 percent of

The 6 Types of Colleagues You Loathe Working With

I’m not an expert, but if there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s this – the weekday blues involve myriad things: heavy traffic, early mornings, and difficult co-workers. I don’t have a solution to frustrating road congestion or becoming an early riser, but I do have a couple of pointers on working with

Work-Life Balance in the Singapore Workplace

Work-Life Balance in the Singapore Workplace

A workplace with work-life harmony is beneficial not only for employees but also for employers. According to reports by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the implementation of work-life balance measures at companies helps employees sustain their peak performance and increases the productivity of the companies. A study by the Singapore National Employers Federation in

Fancy a Fika? What Singapore Can Learn from Other Countries

Fatigue, migraine, and depression are words commonly used by many frazzled working adults in Singapore. Are the majority of Singaporeans really achieving adequate work-life balance? To set the record straight, let’s start by seeing what we can learn from other countries. United Kingdom According to regulations given by the Ministry of Manpower, Singaporean workers are

A Quiet but Momentous Change in China

In late April this year, Xi Jinping, the incumbent leader of China, issued three decrees in rapid succession. These three decrees, taken together, quietly indicate the start of a momentous change in China. The First Decree for Chinese Petitioners The first decree, issued on 21st April, exhorted Chinese officials to amicably settle the grievances of

Are Singaporeans Working Too Hard

Are Singaporeans Working Too Hard?

Asian countries have long been known for putting in long hours at work as compared to their Western counterparts like the United States and Europe. Hence, it is not surprising to hear reports of people in Singapore working long hours each day, be it in the office or remotely. This is supported by surveys and

Dignity Kitchen: Giving Seniors a Slice of Happiness

Voices of Singapore’s Elderly

Tell Us About Your Retirement Life? Mr Onn, 71 I usually hang around here playing chess or chatting with my friends, watching television, reading the newspapers and eating. The worst is if I have no money in my pockets. I have grandchildren. I live with my son and grandchildren. I don’t have much savings but

Dignity Kitchen: Giving Seniors a Slice of Happiness

Dignity Kitchen: Giving Seniors a Slice of Happiness

On March 31 2016, a group of senior citizens from THK CREST @ Bedok Radiance arrived at Dignity Kitchen at 267 Serangoon Ave 3 for a special lunch treat – a complete meal of nasi lemak, hot beverages, and desserts. This is part of the vision of Mr Koh Seng Choon, the Executive Director of

Apps and Technology for Seniors

Nowadays, many countries are facing the impact of an ageing population. In Singapore, a quarter of the population will be 65 years and older by 2030. With more people ageing, providing good health and elderly care is a challenge. Thankfully, both designers and technologists are prompted to develop new products that target our greying population.


Elderly Care Services for an Ageing Population in Singapore

Do you know the types of senior care services available in Singapore? With the ‘Silver Tsunami’ coming in 2030, it is good for Singaporeans to keep abreast of the eldercare services available here. These services include a variety of day care centres, nursing homes, activity centres and even support on caregiving for the elderly. Eldercare


Are Our Elderly Getting the Care They Needed?

In Singapore, it is common to hear phrases such as “ageing population”, “eldercare” or even “narrowing tax base”, but what do these actually mean to you and me? Most of us are aware that Singapore is facing an ageing population, where the proportion of elderly people is increasing. In fact, the statistics can be quite

Building a Culture of Innovation in Singapore

How do you cut a cake into eight slices with three cuts?” This seemingly impossible question was posed by Dr Günter Pfeiffer at the Switzerland – Slovakia Growing Through Innovations symposium, a forum about the value of innovation in society’s development. As trivial as Dr Pfeiffer’s mathematical problem sounds, he uses it in his innovative

Singapore’s Elderly Loneliness Epidemic

Mr Hoong Hing Weng’s soft eyes gazed at a group of young children playing in the distance. “I love kids,” he said with a smile. Wearing a plain white T-shirt and brown shorts, Mr Hoong, 82, has been living in Chinatown most of his life – alone. He has no children. He divorced his wife

Fostering Communication Between the Youth and the Elderly

As our parents and grandparents get older, it’s time we repay them for the selfless devotion and care they have showered us over the years. In 2010, National Family Council (NFC) launched an educational television commercial about filial piety. Titled ‘Father And Son’, the advertisement was part of the “Filial Piety” campaign supported by the

Ravi Velu—F & B Service With A Human Touch

By Vibrant Dot Staff Where can you find authentic yet affordable fish head curry in Singapore? Velu’s Curry is the answer. Also known as The Singapore Curry @ Velu’s, this Halal-certified Indian restaurant is located in Eunos Community Centre. It is reputed for its whole fish head curry, and its North and South Indian cuisines.

Caring for the Elderly in Singapore

By Vibrant Dot Staff According to the United Nations World Population Prospects (UNWPP), Singapore’s senior population will grow to 1,258,441 in the next two decades. 23 percent of Singapore’s population or one in five Singaporeans will be 65 and older by 2030. This silver tsunami is exacerbated by the fact that there will be only

Tan Min- Liang, CEO of Razer.

Homegrown Tech Innovators

1. Sim Wong Hoo, the founder, chairman and CEO of Creative Technology Ltd, graduated with a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. He was once dubbed Singapore’s greatest tech entrepreneur. In 1989, Sim launched the Creative Sound Blaster audio card—a piece of computer hardware used in computers to play sounds and

6 WAYS to Nurture Creative Thinkers and Innovators

As compared to a decade ago, Singapore classrooms are getting more exciting. Students are learning gamification, 3D printing and coding; infused with an inquiry-based approach, these methods stimulate the imagination, nurture problem solvers and foster innovativeness in our next generation. Experts stress the importance of teaching kids innovation. Staying innovative is the key to our

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