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Top 8 Malacca Cafes 2019

Malacca, one of the amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites, has been a top tourist spot for many Singaporeans. After exploring the famous Jonker Street, you might want to find a place to chill, relax and recharge yourself. We have gathered 8 of the best Malacca Cafes you surely should check out when you are visiting

Nyonya Kuih

10 Best Snacks to buy as Souvenir in Malacca

Malacca, a food paradise for many, has been a perfect destination for those who want to have a short getaway from their busy lives, especially Singaporeans. There are so many famous local Malaccan foods that you must try when you pay a visit. Their unique Peranakan cuisine is one you shouldn’t miss. But what about

Trendy Boutique Hotels in Malacca

10 Trendy Boutique Hotels in Malacca 2019

Singaporeans like to travel for a short getaway, especially during long weekends. With Malaysia’s proximity and superb exchange rate, Malacca is a perfect option to enjoy good food and do some shopping around this famous UNESCO world heritage site. Here are the 10 best trendy boutique hotels in Malacca. The Majestic Malacca Ideally situated in


12 Themed Cafes in Johor Bahru

By Vibrant Dot Staff For your next JB visit, make cafe hopping part of your itinerary with these cool themed cafes! Styled and decorated with its own flavour and vibe, the aesthetics of each cafe will whet your Instagram appetite as you savour a delectable meal along the way. Check out our picks for 12


Sarawak—Borneoís Oasis of Natural Wonders 

By Vibrant Dot StaffTired of Singapore’s concrete jungle and hectic pace? Jet set across the ocean to Sarawak – ‘Land of the Hornbills’, and embark on a journey back to nature. Draped along Borneo’s northwest coast, Sarawak is home to pristine wilderness, lush greenery and exceptional natural beauty, where orangutans and proboscis monkeys roam wild


9 Things to Do to Make Your Johor Bahru Trip Worthwhile

A weekend staycation is a great way to get away from our fast-paced city and unwind yourself. One of the closest and most convenient destinations to consider for a staycation is none other than Johor Bahru. As a city, it has plenty to offer and is definitely worth a trip to visit! If you’re still

Entrance to Shennong Street.

Tainan: 13 Attractions to Visit in Taiwan’s Kyoto

Although less known to Singaporeans than the northern capital city of Taiwan, Tainan (台南) has its own charm. As the old capital of Taiwan, Tainan is also called Fu-cheng (府城). To many, it feels similar to Malaysia’s Melaka or Japan’s Kyoto that offers rich history, deep traditions, beautiful scenery and delectable food. Let’s visit the

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5 Promising Johor Bahru Shopping Malls Set to Open in 2019

Johor Bahru, with its growing number of shopping malls, is quickly becoming a haven for shoppers. Every weekend, Singaporeans flock to Johor Bahru for quick getaways because everything there is so much cheaper, and most importantly, it’s just across the causeway! Several new shopping malls have sprung up in Johor Bahru this year alone; could



Emerging from the famous rainforests of Sarawak is a jungle of another kind. Dubbed The Land of the Hornbills, you’ll be hard-pressed to actually sight one of the majestic birds if you ever visit Sarawak. But you might find in its stead, from the other end of the spectrum, a rising destination for MICE events.


Bintan Resorts Escape, Unwind, Discover

Are you a discerning traveller looking to plan a nearby getaway? Fancy walking down a private beach, or being ‘Iron Man’ on water? Bintan Resorts will entice you with its wide range of unique accommodation options and activities suitable for families, friends, couples or solo travellers, catering to your every need. If you’re dreaming of

Coney Island

Coney Island—A Haven for Nature Lovers

By Vibrant Dot Staff Coney Island? Is it in New York? No, it isn’t. Located off the north-eastern coast of Singapore near Pulau Ubin, the island was renamed as Coney Island in the 1950s by Indian businessman, Ghulam Mahmood. He was inspired to turn the island to an amusement park or resort similar to Coney

Best Resorts & Fun Things to Do in Phuket with Your Family

During the school holidays, why not head to Thailand’s largest island—Phuket? Also known as the Pearl of the Andaman, this forested and mountainous island in the Andaman Sea is home to some of Thailand’s most stunning beaches. As one of Thailand’s most popular destinations, the tropical island of Phuket has much to offer for kids.


The Magical Legends of Slovenia

Situated in Central Europe, Slovenia is surrounded by Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, and Croatia in the east and south. Shaped like a chicken, Slovenia’s quiet and pristine beauty with its alpine peaks, hills and valleys is alike that of Switzerland. This serene nation was one of the

Affordable- Staycaytion- Hotels-Singapore

8 Affordable Staycaytion Hotels in Singapore

For busy go-getters, staycations can let you take a much-needed break without spending too much time away from work.  And for those seeking an adventure or unique experience beyond just accomodation, these hotels offer just the thing. Here are eight affordable hotels with great staycay options that won’t break the bank! Studio M Studio M

Hattan Hotel Splash Pool

6 Best Malacca Hotels to Stay At for a Memorable Holiday

By Malacca has always been my favourite short getaway from Singapore for its delicious food, historical landmarks and the bustling Jonker Street. However, a trip to Malacca won’t be perfect without a clean, cosy and conveniently located hotel. If you care about your hotel experience as much as I do, and are trying to find

Johor Bahru Hotels Staycation

Top 10 Johor Bahru Hotels for Your Next Staycation

If you didn’t already know, Johor Bahru offers one of the best short staycations you can take from Singapore, and there’s no prizes for guessing why. Awesome food, great café-hopping opportunities, cheaper prices, and — it’s just opposite the Causeway! So if you’re thinking of taking a weekend trip, you’ve got to get yourself comfortable

3 Reasons Not To Miss Sedona If You Plan To Visit Grand Canyon

3 Reasons Not To Miss Sedona If You Plan To Visit Grand Canyon

Sedona, Arizona sits 150 kilmoetres south of the Grand Canyon National Park. If you are going to the Grand Canyon, here are three big reasons to visit Sedona. The first is “beautiful”. US Weekly voted Sedona as the most beautiful place in US. Sedona is a 50 square-kilometre, relaxing, quiet little town that is picturesque

The Beads and Beats of Sarawak

The Beads and Beats of Sarawak

Sarawak, also known as Bumi Kenyalang (Land of the Hornbills) is the largest state in Malaysia, and one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo, bordering Indonesia, Sabah and Brunei. Apart from its rainforest, hornbills and orang utans, Sarawak is also distinctive for its people. Its indigenous communities of more than 45 recognised


Penang—The Isle of the Betel Nut

Penang, also called Pulau Pinang (Isle of the Betel Nut), derives its name from the plentiful betel nut palms lining its sandy beaches. A melting pot of cultures, this ‘Pearl of the Orient’ still retains its old-school charm and remains a favourite destination for many Singaporeans. Penang Street Art in Georgetown Hunting down the numerous


Discover Croatia—A Day in Dubrovnik

If you love the sun and the sea, Croatia is the country to go to. This untouched Adriatic beauty is Europe’s fastest growing tourist destination. Believe it or not, you needn’t worry about pickpockets in Croatia. Despite the devastating war in the 1990s, this former state of Yugoslavia is probably one of the safest country

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