3 Reasons Not To Miss Sedona If You Plan To Visit Grand Canyon

3 Reasons Not To Miss Sedona If You Plan To Visit Grand Canyon
A view overlooking Sedona from the Airport Lookout, on 17 May 2015.
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By Zhu Li

Sedona, Arizona sits 150 kilmoetres south of the Grand Canyon National Park.

If you are going to the Grand Canyon, here are three big reasons to visit Sedona.

The first is “beautiful”.

US Weekly voted Sedona as the most beautiful place in US. Sedona is a 50 square-kilometre, relaxing, quiet little town that is picturesque from every corner.

The second reason is “convenience”.

Sedona is located between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, and from Sedona it takes only two hours by car to reach the Grand Canyon South Rim.

If the Grand Canyon is a traveller’s Christmas dinner, Sedona is a delicate appetiser.

The third reason is the real reason why millions of tourists flock to Sedona each year.

In the 1980s, the medical profession discovered that Sedona has a very strong energy vortex—a mysterious magnetic field that can treat pain, with a capacity to lift and balance the mind and the body.

The response to the energy vortex varies amongst individuals—some people feel calm and tranquil, while others get more emotional, even bursting into tears.

The ten-thousand residents of Sedona show how much they love their home town in many different ways—the materials and colours of the buildings, the styles and colours of the lamp posts and even traffic light posts are all carefully chosen. Even the giant food chain McDonald’s has changed its trademark “M” sign into a colour more suited to the surrounding environment.

Sedona has many hotels and holiday cottages with pleasing scenery, but like all other popular tourist sites, the prices are a bit steep.

An alternative is to spend a day touring Sedona, then spend the night at Flagstaff, another delightful little town located on the foot of the San Francisco Peaks.

Flagstaff is closer to the Grand Canyon by 1 hour’s drive compared to Sedona, and will likely save you in hotel costs. Flagstaff has several modern, quality hotels with lots of parking.

If you are driving from Sedona to Flagstaff, take Route No. 89 for a scenic drive the entire way.

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