Exploring Kazakhstan

Exploring Kazakhstan

If you’re looking for a refreshing holiday and dread jostling with tourists, you’ll love Kazakhstan. Marked by its dramatic landscapes and diverse multi-ethnic makeup, Kazakhstan is the world’s ninth largest country. It is also the largest landlocked country, making it “larger than all of Western Europe”, according to The Telegraph. The Central Asian nation is

Learn many helpful tips on the art of fine biscuit-making at Kambly’s Show Confectionary.

Kambly: Switzerland’s Best Biscuits Made with Love

By Vibrant Dot Staff Think Switzerland is only famous for its chocolates? Think again. Every day, many visitors flock to the idyllic village of Trubschachen to discover the Swiss art of fine biscuit making at Kambly—Switzerland’s legendary biscuit manufacturer and best-loved biscuit brand. Situated amongst the sunny meadows and lush valleys of the Emmental region,

11-Reasons-to-Visit-Sarajevo-Bosnia -and-Herzegovina-main

11 Reasons to Visit Bosnia, Sarajevo and Herzegovina

For most people, the word “Bosnia” conjures up memories of the heart-breaking footage during the 1990s Bosnian War. And beyond that, most people know little else about this mysterious country. That’s why visiting the ethnically diverse Bosnia and Herzegovina is bound to be an eye-opening experience. Situated in southeastern Europe, this exotic land is 40

Catalonia: More Than Barcelona

You may know Barcelona for its famous football club and Camp Nou stadium, but have you visited Catalonia where it’s situated? With its own language and flag, Catalonia is an autonomous region of Spain with 300 days of annual Mediterranean sunshine, 65 Michelin Stars, and at least nine UNESCO world heritage treasures. Occupying just 6.3%

Qatari Treasures

From an authentic Arabian market to an inland sea in a desert, Qatar is replete with cultural and UNESCO gems for tourists to enjoy By Claire Ong –  Just a 7.5-hour flight from Singapore is Doha, Qatar’s capital, host to the 2022 FIFA World Cup and a thrilling blend of old and new. It is

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