Kambly: Switzerland’s Best Biscuits Made with Love

Learn many helpful tips on the art of fine biscuit-making at Kambly’s Show Confectionary.
Learn many helpful tips on the art of fine biscuit-making at Kambly’s Show Confectionary.
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By Vibrant Dot Staff

Think Switzerland is only famous for its chocolates? Think again.

Every day, many visitors flock to the idyllic village of Trubschachen to discover the Swiss art of fine biscuit making at Kambly—Switzerland’s legendary biscuit manufacturer and best-loved biscuit brand.

Situated amongst the sunny meadows and lush valleys of the Emmental region, Trubschachen is where Kambly’s culinary story began.

Born From a Love Story

Kambly was born 110 years ago in a gesture of love. In 1906, young Oscar R. Kambly followed his sweetheart to Trubschachen, where he settled as a baker and confectioner.

The third generation Kambly Chairman, Oscar A. Kambly told swissinfo.ch, “My grandfather happened to meet a girl from Trubschachen at his commercial school in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. They fell in love and he decided to come here.”

“He came here as a baker and he started to bake Bretzeli—that was a family recipe—for his friends and for the village. It was such a success in the region that he decided to start a business.”

Baked according to his grandma’s recipe, the crêpe-style biscuit Bretzeli is Kambly’s star product. The wafer-thin waffle biscuits have garnered many fans worldwide, and transformed Kambly’s village bakery into Switzerland’s best-known biscuit factory.

An independent family firm of three generations, Kambly continues the love, devotion and tradition of fine baking with the best natural ingredients.

The majority of the raw ingredients are sourced from the scenic Emmental valley itself, which produces fresh milk, butter, eggs and flour. The chocolate is produced by a notable Swiss chocolate maker using Kambly’s own recipe.

True to the Swiss standards of “quality without compromise”, Kambly creates a variety of exquisite, high-quality confectioneries that are exported to over 50 countries. Kambly’s exacting standards in quality and innovation have placed the company in the premium sector of the global fine biscuit market.

The vision of Kambly’s founder and his company is clear: each Kambly specialty biscuit is a refined masterpiece exquisitely crafted with love by a maître chocolatier et pâtissier, as a way of saying a little thank-you to life.

The Kambly Experience: Discover the Art of Fine Biscuit-Making

At Trubschachen, discover the fascinating world of Kambly at their visitor centre and unearth the secret of fine biscuit making.

Visiting the Kambly Experience is a great excursion for the whole family. Check out the following activities for both kids and adults:

1. “Make Your Own Biscuit”: open to young adults and children older than 6 years, the programme runs every Wednesday and Saturday from 2.20pm to 4.20pm, at CHF5 (S$7.05) per participant.

Situated amongst the sunny meadows and lush valleys of the Emmental region, Trubschachen is where Kambly’s culinary story began.
Situated amongst the sunny meadows and lush valleys of the Emmental region, Trubschachen is where Kambly’s culinary story began.

2. Join in the fun with your kids or friends at the “Creative Baking” classes for groups and families. This activity is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, at CHF100 (S$141) for groups of up to 14 people, and CHF200 (S$282) for groups of 15 – 28 people.

Kambly Experience is a great day out for the whole family.
Kambly Experience is a great day out for the whole family.

3. Discover the tradition and charm of Kambly via the Kambly Multimedia Show. Unearth the secrets of baking the original Bretzeli at the original Kambly bakery set up by its founder—Oscar R. Kambly.

4. Learn helpful tips on the art of fine biscuit-making at Kambly’s Show Confectionary, where Kambly’s maîtres confiseurs bake quality confectioneries right before your eyes.

5. At Kambly’s spacious Factory Store, be spoilt for choice by over 100 varieties of exquisite biscuits, with free sampling.

To name just a few, besides the traditional crisp Bretzeli, treat yourself to Chocolune (a hazelnut meringue filled with chocolate cream and dipped in rich Swiss dark chocolate), Chocolait (a Swiss classic made with milk and a thin slab of fine Swiss milk chocolate), Mandelcaramel (a crisp biscuit with caramelised sliced almonds dipped in Swiss milk chocolate), and Éclats Croquants de Pistaches (a biscuit with crunchy caramelised pistachios and almonds).

6. Enjoy a refreshing break at the Kambly Café, which serves coffee and exclusive herbal teas paired with tasty surprises. To arrange receptions for groups, which can also be combined with a baking event, email reservation@kambly.ch.

7. The village of Trubschachen is home to three Swiss heritage companies—Kambly SA, Jakob AG and Töpferei Aebi—each known for its emphasis on tradition and innovation.

Visitors can gain interesting insights by touring the three companies. After visiting Kambly, one can learn about the tradition-rich craft of rope-making at Jakob AG. At Töpferei Aebi, one of the best-known and oldest ceramic pottery makers in Switzerland, peer over the shoulders of the pottery makers. The tour is free of charge. For more information, visit www.kambly.com/tour

Getting There: The Kambly Train

The Kambly Experience in Trubschachen can be reached easily by car or train (hourly, direct connections from Berne and Lucerne). Take the unique Kambly Train that runs from Tuesday to Sunday.

During the ride, take in the scenic countryside with traditional farmhouses, clear lakes, waterfalls, lush valleys, and Entlebuch, Switzerland’s first UNESCO biosphere reserve.

The Kambly Experience, Trubschachen

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 6.30pm ;

Sat & Sun, 8.30am – 5.00pm

Entry fee: Free

Address:  Kambly Experience

Mühlestrasse 8

CH-3555 Trubschachen

Email: reservation@kambly.ch

Website: www.kambly.ch

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