July 24, 2019

Sage Lord of Japan

Lessons From the Sage Lord of Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu

The father of Japan’s capitalist economy is Shibusawa Eiichi (1840-1931), a highly respected Japanese industrialist. Guided by his study of Confucius’ Analects, Shibusawa brought Western capitalism to Japan, but with a core emphasis on morality and business ethics. In this series, we look at Shibusawa’s philosophy and understanding of Confucius’ teachings, which guided the creation

Understand Your Skin Type and What Should You Feed Your Skin

Understand Your Skin Type and What Should You Feed Your Skin

Skincare isn’t solely about applying products. A holistic skincare routine is done both externally and internally. In spite of how much products you apply on your skin externally, let’s agree that a healthy and nutritious diet is the foundation for healthy-looking skin. The tricky part is that diet is pretty much a customised eating handbook;

Credit : calvinseah @ Instagram

13 Reasons Why You Should Visit Funan Mall

What was once referred to as the home to all things digital and tech has finally reopened after three years and a $560 million make over! Funan Mall is back and it’s the latest shopping mall by Capitaland, we must say Funan is a mall unlike any other. The futuristic mall boasts six storeys and

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