Part-Time Maids in Singapore

Part-Time Maids in Singapore
Part-Time Maids in Singapore
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While full-time domestic helpers are indispensable to many Singaporean families, there are a growing number of households who find it difficult to justify hiring a full-time maid. These include those who live alone, or families whose adult children are rarely at home. For such households, who only need a little domestic help, hiring a part-time maid can be a fitting solution.

If you are looking to hire a part-time maid, always check their eligibility to work on a part time basis. There are regulations governing the hiring of part-time maids in Singapore. The employer must be fully aware that the part-time cleaner is a Singaporean, a permanent resident of Singapore, or has a dependent pass. Otherwise, it is illegal. Any full-time maid is prohibited to work for any employer unless the employer is stated on her work permit. If a full-time maid is caught working for multiple employers, the legal employer will be held liable.

Once you have found an eligible part-time helper, you may need to create a contract of service. Some employers will have to shoulder the expenses for medical and insurance costs. This will depend on the length of time the maid has to spend in your house. Part-time maids are generally paid around $10 to $30 an hour, which makes them far cheaper to hire than a full-time maid if you only need a few hours of housekeeping a week. 

Where to Find a Part-Time Cleaner

Apart from asking friends and acquaintances for recommendations, or posting job advertisements in a newspaper, one other way of finding a part-time cleaner is through an agency. This will cost you a little more, but also takes much of the hassle out of the hiring process. Still, you may first want to check if the company is registered in Singapore, and also confirm with them that they provide insurance to their house helpers.

To help you get started, we have put together a list of well-established certified agencies.

1. A-Team Amahs & Cleaners

A-Team Amahs & Cleaners
Credit: A-Team Amahs & Cleaner @ Facbook

A-Team Amahs & Cleaners is an established part-time maid cum nanny agency; in addition to part-time cleaners, the company also offers part-time nanny services. The starting rate for A-Team Amahs & Cleaners ranges from $15 to $20, which depends on the client’s location and whether you need them on a weekday or a weekend. A one-time registration fee of $450 applies for new customers. For clients who encounter problems with their part-time maids, the agency will replace them up to three times.

2. DomesticONE

Credit: DomesticONE @ Facebook

DomesticONE boasts a wide range of specialised part-time cleaning services, including spring cleaning, office space cleaning, and even post-renovation cleaning services. The agency matches cleaners to customers according to their requirements, such as if they need a pet-friendly cleaner, or one who can converse in mandarin. Their hourly rate is $13 on weekdays, with a minimum of 4 hours a session. Customers who encounter problems with their part-time maids can get a replacement up to three times, at no additional cost.

3. 3C Home Cleaning Services

3C Home Cleaning Services
Credit: 3C Cleaning Services Singapore @ Facebook

3C Home Cleaning Services offers cleaning services for a variety of situations, whether it is day-to-day household cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, or initial and final cleaning of homes and offices. Their staff are consistent and detailed, so their work holds up to strict inspection and supervision. Their rates, for a weekly four-hour session, start from  $25 per hour on weekdays and $30 per hour on weekends and holidays. They may charge higher rates depending on floor area, unit condition, or if extended hours are required.

Credit: @ Facebook

Pink Maids is well-known for its experienced part-time cleaners and excellent customer service. Whether it is day-to-day household cleaning, baby-sitting, or washing and ironing of laundry, they are known for closely communicating with their customers to ensure their satisfaction. Their rates, for a weekly four-hour session, start from  $20 per hour on weekdays and $33 per hour on Saturdays.

5. NTUC Income Domestic Cleaning Services

NTUC Income Domestic Cleaning Services
Credit: Income Domestic Services

NTUC Income Domestic Cleaning Services certainly lives up to its household brand name, providing superb cleaners and friendly customer service staff. They offer flexible part-time cleaning services to fit the needs of their clients. Their rates start from $230 a month for their weekly cleaning package, and from $126 for a one-time cleaning service involving 2 cleaners for a duration of 3 hours.

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