Bakes for Your Pet Dog

Customised cake baked for dogs.
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 By Won Xue Li 

All sorts of start-ups have been popping up over recent years and CoBam is one of the more interesting ones to date. Started by twins Carmen and Dalia Chan, CoBam specialises in making pretty bakes for your dogs – often even prettier than those meant for human consumption.

Carmen and Dalia are currently 3rd year students pursuing degrees at the Singapore Management University (SMU) and are deeply passionate about animal welfare. They are part of the Executive Committee of SMU People for Animal Welfare (SMU PAW).

Twins Carmen Chan (L) and Dalia Chan (R).

They currently have a blog,, to publish their creations and tutorials. According to the twins, they have learnt everything they know from YouTube tutorials and blogs, and are more than willing to share the tips that they have gathered over the years. Despite the high level of technical intricacy in the cakes, they are not professional bakers and have not taken any classes.

Their passion for baking started in their teens, when their sister ordered their first fondant novelty cake for their 14th birthday. Dalia then made an attempt to recreate from scratch the fondant bears on the cake and that was the start of Twinnie Foods.


Merging their passion for canines and baking, they then started CoBam when they found a missing spot in the market. The name CoBam comes from the names of their dogs, Coco and Bam Bam. The cakes are made with human-grade ingredients with no artificial preservatives and colouring. The cakes are also fully customisable, and customers can even opt to include a figurine topper of the birthday dog.


Due to school and their busy schedules, they are unable to sell cakes for human consumption on a large scale and only bake for close friends and family. However, they do sell cakes for dogs for the public. If you are interested, head over to for details and order forms.


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