Little Sheep Hot Pot Opens in Singapore: Possibly the Best Place for Savoury Lamb!

little sheep singapore one fullerton hotpot
(Credit: Little Sheep Hot Pot)
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By Cindy Liew

Whenever I ate hot pot, lamb hardly ever appeared in my order due to its strong smell. But dining at Little Sheep (Xiao Fei Yang) has changed my perspective.

The finely sliced marbled lamb was tender, fresh and flavourful after being dipped into the signature Mongolian-style broth a few times—and believe me, there is little trace of the usual overwhelming lamb smell!

To my bemusement, a staff member told me metaphorically in Chinese that the lambs were raised in “luxurious homes”(豪宅). But  the fact that they were culled from flocks in New Zealand at six months old is proof of their quality.

What Is So Special About Little Sheep?

little sheep hot pot singapore
The first Little Sheep Hotpot opens at One Fullerton.

A new franchise restaurant under No Signboard Holdings, Little Sheep Hotpot opened its first Singapore outlet at One Fullerton last month.

Originated from Inner Mongolia in China, Little Sheep has become increasingly popular among hot pot lovers in the United States, Canada and Japan.

What sets Little Sheep apart from other restaurants is its Mongolian-style hot pot broth.

little sheep singapore hotpo broth

Unlike most of the Szechuan-style hot pot restaurants in Singapore featuring a fiery red, Mala soup base that is literally spicy and numbing, Little Sheep’s Mongolian-style hot pot broth is cooked with beef bones and Kampong chicken. Garnished with goji berries, jujubes, black cardamom, ginseng and herbs, you can actually drink it like hearty soup.

Recommendation: Order the half and half soup base to enjoy the goodness of both the spicy and the aromatic original broth; and rest assured that even the spicy half won’t numb your lips like crazy.

What to Order

Three-tier Signature Lamb Platter
Three-tier Signature Lamb Platter

Lamb, of course! It won’t be Mongolian-style hot pot without tasty lamb slices.

For true-blue lamb lovers, get a Three-tier Signature Lamb Platter (S$36) and the chunky Signature Lamb Kebab (S$8) to spoil your taste buds!

Little Sheep Lamb Kebab in Singapore
Signature Lamb Kebab
Frog leg, hot pot style at Little Sheep
Frog leg, hot pot style at Little Sheep

Craving for some beefy satisfaction as well? Little Sheep’s Best Seller Lamb Rolls and Beef Platter (S$45) doubles your happiness in terms of a carnivorous experience.

Have you ever tried eating frog legs hot pot style? If you haven’t, you can now indulge in this unique experience at Little Sheep (S$15).

A Secret Dipping Sauce Recipe

Dipping a yummy lamb slice into a specially-made sauce.
Dipping a yummy lamb slice into a specially-made sauce.

Fretting that you can never make a great-tasting dipping sauce? We’ve got you covered.

A very helpful staff member at Little Sheep shared with us the secret recipe:

Sesame dressing mixed with sugar, sesame, oyster sauce, soya sauce and vinegar, and garnished with coriander and chopped green onions.

Or even easier, you could just ask their friendly staff to help you make one.

Happy feasting!

little sheep beef
Signature Premium Beef Selection
little sheep beef
Fresh Beef Tripe
little sheep fish
White Pomfret

How to Get There

Address: One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Rd, #01-05, 049213

Phone: 6222 9959

Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place Exit H

Carpark: One Fullerton in the Basement of The Fullerton Heritage

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