March 8, 2019

The Biggest Mistake in Customer Service: Apologising Too Much

One of the fundamental rules taught to customer service employees is to apologise when a customer is angry or dissatisfied. When conversing with an angry client, workers in hotels, restaurants, or travel agencies will often try to express their empathy or sympathy, and continue to apologise over and over. But according to a new study,

Dizi Gui (弟子规) : Love Is… Being Considerate of Others’ Feelings

Dizi Gui (弟子规) (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child) is an ancient Chinese text for children that teaches moral values and etiquette. It was written during the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Kangxi  (康熙帝) (1661-1722) by Li Yuxiu. Beneath the conservative, “old-school” verbose of this ancient classic, one can still find


Bakes for Your Pet Dog

All sorts of start-ups have been popping up over recent years and CoBam is one of the more interesting ones to date. Started by twins Carmen and Dalia Chan, CoBam specialises in making pretty bakes for your dogs – often even prettier than those meant for human consumption. Carmen and Dalia are currently 3rd year

Panorama photograph of Interlaken from Harder Kulm.

Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Nestled at the feet of the snow-clad Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains, Interlaken is a popular Swiss resort town and rail junction for excursions to the majestic Jungfrau Region mountain world—one of the most visited destinations of Switzerland. This beautiful Swiss town derives its name from the Latin phrase “Inter Lacus”, which means “situated between

Blazing A Trail With T’ang Quartet

Blazing A Trail With T’ang Quartet

Since 1992, T’ang Quartet has been embarking on critically acclaimed adventures with a purpose – to bring music appreciation to a larger audience. Also known as Singapore’s first professional string quartet, the name ‘T’ang’ is formed by incorporating the last names of each quartet’s members – Ang Chek Meng (2nd violin), Ng Yu-Ying (1st violin),

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