Life at Center of Earth

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Increasing evidence has pointed to the existence of highly intelligent beings in the center of Earth. Likely the most significant discovery of the 20th century, much evidence was covered up by governments around the world for fear of “causing panic and controversy”.

How does one enter the core of the earth? Is it solid or hollow? Is the Antarctic, North Pole, or Bermuda Triangle the entrance? These topics have been the centre of attention for years.

A prehistoric mammoth fossil was discovered in the permafrost of Siberia. While the initial discovery led people to believe that mammoths lived in cold places, scientists later discovered that mammoths turned out to be ancestors of elephants, which live in Africa and other warm regions.

What is more puzzling is that undigested tropical fruit pits were found in the stomach of the mammoth. How did it obtain tropical fruits in extremely cold Siberia?

Bold scientists speculated that mammoths might have lived in an underground world. Several mammoths accidentally traveled through the passage connecting the world’s north and south poles. They came to the surface of the earth; could not survive in the cold climate and were frozen to death. Hence, the tropical fruit remained in the stomach.

Richard E. Byrd
Source: wikimedia

In 1947, US Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd led an expedition into the center of the earth, from the North Pole. Byrd discovered a huge base with animals and plants previously thought extinct. These animals he saw included Mammoth-like creatures.

Byrd wrote in his diary that it was unbelievable to see a valley full of green trees and a stream that flowed through the valley. He wrote, “This is the North Pole, and it should be a world ruled by snow and ice!”

Byrd also discovered a huge flying saucer base in which there were superhumans with supernatural power and high-level technology.

These mysterious beings told him that this underground world was called “Arianni”. They had no wish to contact people from the outside world till the US dropped two atomic bombs in Japan. Realising that weaponries possessed by humankind are likely to destroy the entire world, they thus sent flying vehicles to interact with military superpowers. But they did not get much response.

That same year, Byrd attended a staff meeting of the US Department of Defense. He gave all details and reported his discoveries to President Truman. He also accepted the investigation of the highest security department and the medical team and was instructed to keep all information confidential. He followed the order but wrote in his diary: “That land is in the North Pole, and that base is a huge mystery.”

On December 24, 1965, Byrd’s diary went public. It aroused interest in the exploration to the center of the earth.

In 2015, former CIA technical analyst, Edward Snowden, released secrets of aliens at the center of the earth. He revealed that they lived in Earth’s mantle (under the crust and above the core), and that the US was in contact with them and even reached certain secret agreements.

Snowden also published a confidential document on the World Chronicle website, mentioning ultra-terrestrial civilisation in the mantle of the earth. It says that the mantle has not changed in billions of years. Therefore, it is likely to become a place for long-term and stable living conditions.

As early as 25 years ago, NASA disclosed that they received radio signals from the center of the earth. These signals indicated the existence of a more advanced civilised world underground.

In 1995, Canada’s Weekly World News, titled “NASA receives radio signals coming from inside the Earth” predicted that the center of the earth is hollow.

Scientists learned that the signals were a complex mathematical code and therefore confirmed that they were from a certain intelligent life.

If we follow the three essential elements (sunlight, air, and water) for life on the ground, how will life in the center of Earth survive?

There were media reports that covered the underground world described by people with supernatural power. These people traveled over 220 km down the ground and reached the center of the earth. Upon arriving, they were all stunned to see a highly-developed and highly-civilised geocentric world.

Hollow Earth
Illustration from Americus Symmes’ Theory of Concentric Spheres. (Image: Wikipedia)

Comparing Earth to an egg, the process of human exploration towards the center of the earth is less than one-tenth of the eggshell. While people thought that Earth’s core was full of hot magma, it is actually hollow. Magma is within 200 kilometers from the earth’s surface and it is outside of the core.

It was reported that beings in the center of the earth are not as aggressive as humans; there is no war there. Countries there are divided into regions for the convenience of management and coordination.

People with supernatural abilities said the lives in the place they traveled to looked like Chinese with yellow skin, with a population of about 1.5 billion. However, the total population in the center of the earth ranges in the tens of billions – more than the population on the surface.

There are reportedly tall buildings in the center of the earth. The highest floor is about 590 floors, about 1,900 meters high. Languages ​​used by them are similar to ours and there are Chinese and English-like languages. They can often travel on the ground and are very similar in appearance to humans; thus humans cannot tell them apart.

Those with supernatural abilities also said it is still difficult to enter the center of the earth using the current human technology. There are, in fact, secret passages between the center of the earth and the ground, but they are hidden in inaccessible places and are not easily discoverable.

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