Celebrities Used All Kinds of Tricks to Open a Bottle. And She Used Her Voice!

Martial arts star Donnie Yen opened a bottle with a kick while blind-folded. (video screenshot)
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[New Tang Dynasty News, July 09, 2019]

A wave of “Bottle Cap Challenge” (#BottleCapChallenge) has hit social media recently. 

The basic idea of this challenge is to unscrew a bottle cap with a kick, without toppling the bottle itself. Many martial arts stars, models, celebrity actors and singers have since attempted the challenge, showing off their special talents in various impressive ways.

Most professional challenger: Martial arts star Donnie Yen

The most professional bottle cap opener was Donnie Yen, a globally recognised martial arts star. With his eyes blind-folded, he smoothly delivered a sharp kick that sent the cap spinning off the bottle.

Most eye-catching challenger: Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber



The “most eye-catching” challenger was Justin Bieber’s petite wife, Hailey Bieber. Riding a stylish off-road motorcycle in a hot skirt, she held out a leg and easily popped open the bottle cap with her foot as she drove past the bottle.

Taiwan superstar Jay Chou


Taiwanese superstar actor, director and singer Jay Chou joined in on the action after being challenged by his wife, Kun Ling. His video shows him sitting at a table with a bottle before him. With a dismissive expression on his face, he effortlessly flicks a credit card at the bottle, knocking the bottle cap off with a flair worthy of his suave image.

Most comedic challenger: Taiwanese singer Xiao Jingteng



Xiao Jingteng, a Taiwanese singer, had some fun with the challenge. 

On his first attempt, he begins with a martial arts stance, and just right when he’s about to deliver a spinning kick to the bottle, his phone rings and distracts him.

On his second attempt, he once again prepares to kick the bottle when someone off-screen suddenly asks him if he’s eaten yet, causing Xiao to spin comically out of control.

His third attempt shows Xiao successfully opening the Coca-Cola bottle with a single swift kick.

Most powerful challenger: American singer Mariah Carey


The “most powerful” challenger was American singer Mariah Carey. In her video, she takes up a stance as though preparing to kick the bottle cap. But she then sings a high-pitched note that appears to knock the bottle cap off on its own, a simply amazing feat of “kung fu”.

Behind the scenes

Some netizens have pointed out that most of these challengers probably had assistants to hold the bottles stable for them (aside from Jay Chou whose bottle was clearly placed on the table), which somewhat violated the spirit of the challenge

But other netizens did not think that mattered too much. For most people, what was important was the fact that these celebrities made an effort to interact with the online community and make people smile. 

(Comprehensive Report by Reporter Xinran  / Editor: Dong Ye)

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