What’s The Story Behind The Samurai Walking A Cat, Anyway?

There’s an image that’s been shared on social media dozens of times over the past few years, typically without attribution. The image depicts a shoeless samurai walking an armored cat. The samurai has a helmet with cat ears, and the image appears to be weathered and old, perhaps dating back to Medieval Japan. There are a variety

The Great Fathers Behind Great Heroes

The Great Fathers Behind Great Heroes

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in society,” said Billy Graham. History is full of stories about great figures and heroes, but a good number of them owed their success to their fathers — the unsung heroes who led by example and

hokkien japanese chinese words

Why Do These Hokkien Words Sound So Similar to Japanese?

I was fascinated when I first got to know how certain Hokkien words sound so similar to Japanese or even Korean. If you don’t believe it, try reading out the following words in Hokkien: 世界 (world), 新闻 (news), 未来 (future), 简单 (simple) It sounds identical whether you vocalise these words in Hokkien or Japanese. Well,

peranakan museum batik altar cloth

Batik for Peranakan Altars: A Forgotten Art of South East Asia

“One expects to see the traditional Chinese symbols of prosperity and fortune on an altar cloth. But the attentive ones are rewarded with a pleasant surprise – on one altar cloth is the little Red Riding Hood with a lion instead of a wolf, and on another are riders holding flags of the old Republic

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