All About Cancer (Part 1):

TCM Understanding of How Cancer Develops

Dr Hu Naiwen
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By Dr Hu Naiwen

According to the Singapore Cancer Society, about 37 Singaporeans are diagnosed with cancer every day.

The World Cancer Report states that there were approximately 14 million new cases of cancer in 2012, and this is expected to rise by 70 percent over the next two decades.

With this alarming trend, the fear of developing cancer is very real.

Are you terrified of cancer?

Cancer is a life threatening disease, but, it isn’t as scary as it sounds, as there are patients who have been successfully cured through unconventional and alternative medical treatments. When seen from this perspective, cancer is not a terminal disease.

Cancer can be cured if you can identify the root cause of the illness, change your living environment and lifestyle, and find the right treatment!

From the perspective of ancient Chinese medicine, cancer most likely results from the excessive display of emotions and exposure to extremes of weather. Early theories of cancer development are totally different from our modern knowledge of cancer causes.

Today, we are constantly exposed to cancer-inducing agents. We breathe in polluted air, and the foods we eat often contain toxic preservatives and additives.

Today, we are constantly exposed to cancer-inducing agents. We breathe in polluted air, and the foods we eat often contain toxic preservatives and additives.

TCM Understanding of How Cancer Develops
A man (L) wears a face mask as another visitor covers her mouth during a visit to Tiananmen Square in Beijing on 5 Nov 2013. Air pollution and smoking tobacco are the top causes of lung cancer.

In addition, the prescription drugs that we consume and inject are all chemical substances. Can these drugs be considered harmless just because they are claimed to be safe and effective in animal tests? Well, these are only one-sided claims. When too many of these substances are consumed, won’t they be harmful to the body?

A contaminated environment forces the body’s immune system to work harder to resist pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, smoke, and haze particles.

As the liver filters out toxins, it becomes overloaded with toxic foods and drugs that we consume daily. Moreover, many people have a misunderstanding of modern health concepts, and consume an abundance of vitamins, minerals, excessive water, and unknown toxins, placing additional burden on the liver and kidneys. It is thus no surprise that we feel sick.

The aforementioned are the likely causes to the formation of cancer. Modern medical practitioners are not able to discern the root causes of cancer, hence they have difficulty finding the right treatment.

Back to Nature: Avoid All Kinds of Pollution

How can we avoid cancer-causing pollution? The best way is to “go back to nature”. We should live and eat naturally, and avoid contact with pollutants. In this way, the organs do not have to work too hard to eliminate foreign materials.

Also, according to traditional Chinese medicine texts, keeping away from extreme weather prevents circulatory disturbance, which consequently prevents cancer cells from accumulating.

Dr Hu Naiwen is a traditional Chinese physician at the Shanghai Tong De Chinese Medicine Hall in Taipei City with over 30 years of clinical experience in traditional Chinese medicine. 

He is the first Chinese physician and the fifth person in the world to cure a patient’s maxillofacial melanoma. He has also used traditional Chinese methods to help patients with bleeding in the brain to recover within minutes. 

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