9 Irresistible Yummy Nyonya Kuehs and Where to Find Them in Singapore

Credit: JiXiangConfectionery.AngKuKueh @ Facebook
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Eye-popping colours, natural pandan fragrance, grated coconut sweetness.. These are the trademarks of Nyonya kueh. Some may wonder, what counts as kueh? Interesting fact is, there is no strict definition of “kueh”, but rather a general term used to describe snacks, which often can refer to cakes, pastries, cookies and other confectioneries.

It seems there is a rising interest in Straits-Chinese cuisine lately. Whether or not it is a revival of cultural interest, we cannot deny the fact that Nyonya kuehs are one of Singaporeans’ all-time classic favourite snacks. The Nyonya kueh game is still strong these days as we are seeing more pastry shops and eateries are striving to up the game, using both traditional and modern methods, to bring the best out of the kueh.


Suggestion for your next afternoon tea call? Check out the 9 best Nyonya treats that you must try in Singapore when the craving hits you.


1.Ang Ku Kueh

Credit: JiXiangConfectionery.AngKuKueh @ Facebook
Credit: foooodieholic @ Instagram

Thanks to its vibrant colouring, you will be able to spot Ang Ku Kueh right away from a plateful of Nyonya eateries. Usually found in red, more colour variations can be found these days to differentiate the fillings inside. This Nyonya kueh is made of soft and sticky glutinous rice flour skin, which reminds us of chewy mochi. Typically Ang Ku Kueh is encased with peanut or mung bean filling. Nowadays confectioneries are spoiling their customers with unique flavours, such as salted bean, corn, coconut, yam and durian (seasonal).

Address: Ji Xiang Confectionery, Blk 1 Everton Park #01-33, Singapore 081001

(Psst, a small piece of advice? Check out the store before it is all gone!)


Credit: LekLimNonyaCake @ Facebook
Credit: leklimnonyacake @ Instagram

These small green rice cake balls might not look too appealing, but take a bite and you will be surprised. The juicy mix of palm sugar and pandan juice explode in your mouth once you take a bite of its chewy rice outer coat (watch out not to spill the juice!). The masterpiece is then perfected with grated coconut on top. This Nyonya kueh is definitely on top of the list whenever you want to impress a foreign friend in town. 

Address: Lek Lim Nyonya Cake Confectionery, Block 84, Bedok North Street 4, #01-21, Singapore 460084

3. Kueh Dardar

Credit: singaporeliciouz @ Instagram
Credit: lianneelow @ Instagram

This Nyonya kueh can be seen as the Nyonya-style rolled crepe. Shredded coconut filling with a hit of gula melaka taste, wrapped with pandan-infused crepe. These taste similar to Ondeh-Ondeh; what differentiates them is the texture – Kueh Dardar is fluffy instead of chewy.

Address: Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry, #01-39, 55 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 160055

4. Putu Ayu

Credit: greedymizdee @ Instagram

Similarly a pandan-infused snack, Putu Ayu is an eye-catcher with its signature shape of a little crown. It is a soft, moist and aerated pandan-flavoured sponge cake. The top part of the crown is flavoured with coconut milk, which explains why it is white and tastes slightly savoury. The ones from Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry are actually an improvised version, glazed with a splash of gula melaka flavour, which is the brown part on top of the cake. Not too surprisingly, this sweet and savoury mixture of tastes go really well together.

Address: Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry, #01-39, 55 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 160055


5.Lemper Udang

Credit: greedymizdee @ Instagram

Too much sweetness? Try Lemper Udang (or, Rempah Udang), an iconic Peranakan savoury kueh. The making process involves using the juice of blue pea flower to give a blue hint to the glutinous rice before adding the sambal shrimp filling, and it is finally wrapped in a banana leaf for steaming or grilling. The highlight of this kueh easily goes to the fried sambal shrimp, which is slightly crisp and savoury, featuring the uniqueness of Nyonya flavour – complemented with its fragrant glutinous rice.

Address: Kim Choo, 60 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427784

6.Kueh Salat

Credit: teafortammi @ Instagram

This quintessential Nyonya kueh is made of soft, moist, pandan custard on top and coconut glutinous rice as the base. Both layers are so distinctive to one another – one is soft, and one is chewy; one is sweet, and the other is savoury – nonetheless they go perfectly together. To add an extra touch of fragrance and aesthetics, confectioneries marble the glutinous rice with a blue hint made out of blue pea flower juice. Classic.

Address: Kim Choo Kueh Chang, 60 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427784

7.Kueh Talam

Credit: Harrianns @ Facebook

From a quick glance, Kueh Talam might look strikingly similar to Kueh Salat, but it is a different kueh altogether. Both have the same white and green layers, but texture wise, Kueh Talam is much softer and less chewy. Kueh Talam is made of rice flour, and its main ingredients are pandan juice and coconut milk, representing the green and white layer respectively. Similarly, it has a mixture of sweet and savoury taste that complement each other. This kueh is probably the iconic Nyonya kueh that perfectly portrays simplicity is the best.

Address: HarriAnn’s Nonya Table, #01-01A Bugis Junction, Singapore 188024

8. Kueh Chendol

Credit: kopijoo @ Instagram

If you are a big fan of Chendol, definitely don’t miss out on Kueh Chendol. Just like what it sounds, Kueh Chendol is the reinvention of the local classic shaved ice dessert in the form of a kueh. It consists of two layers: the brown layer is made of gula melaka, and the white layer is made of coconut milk mixed with chendol bits. Well we have to say, Kueh Chendol definitely does Chendol justice for capturing its essence.

Address: HarriAnn’s Nonya Table, #01-01A Bugis Junction, Singapore 188024

9.Pulut Inti

Credit: sethlui.com

From a glimpse, you might have thought these mini pyramid packs are nasi lemak, but they are not. These are Pulut Inti, a nyonya dessert made of blue coloured glutinous rice (natural colouring made from blue pea flower) topped with inti (sweet grated coconut cooked in gula melaka). You may find it either wrapped in banana leaves or transparent plastic packaging. This bite-sized Nyonya treat is definitely friendly while on-the-go.

Address: Borobudur Snacks Shop, 537 Bedok North Street 3, #01-523, Singapore 460537

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