April 20, 2019

shilin night market in Singapore 2019

Shilin Night Market is Finally in Singapore

1. Be prepared for the huge crowd. I am usually contented with my 1.60m height, except when at Shilin Night Market @ Singapore Turf Club yesterday—I just wished that I were taller so that I could breathe fresher air without feeling suffocated when weaving through the crazy crowds. 2. Milksha (迷客夏) can only be ordered

When Society Was Regulated With Music and Ritual

One of the very first pieces of recorded Chinese literature is the “Classic of Poetry”, a collection of 3,000-year-old lyrics and verses of the early Zhou Dynasty. Compiled by Confucius, it is considered one of the five great Chinese scholarly works. The first poem, “Cry of the Ospreys,” describes the marriage of King Wen, the

Isabel Sim

Entrepreneurial Insights

Isabel Sim is an unpretentious lady who loves dogs. Sitting comfortably at her office in Ubi, accompanied by her poodle, she talks to Epoch Times about the challenges she faces starting her food company – Hi Trading Supplies. The 23-year-old graduated from University of Melbourne two years ago. With a degree in Finance and Management,

(Credit: Decathlon)

8 Must Buy Products From a Decathlon Store Near You

With origins from France, the sporting wonderland has hit Singapore with 6 outlets sprawled across the island. Decathlon offers only the best sporting equipment at extremely affordable prices as their mission is to make sports accessible for all. Decathlon’s specialty is that it only carries its house brands unlike other sports brands; everything goes through

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