3 Summit-Inspired Places to Visit During the Trump-Kim Summit

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 Julia Lachica 

As part of the historical Trump-Kim summit, expect some road closure and heavily guarded areas around Orchard and Sentosa, some of the most popular tourist sites in Singapore. As President Trump would say, “This is going to be yuge!”

You might’ve booked tickets to Singapore already, but don’t let these stop you from having a good time around the busy city state. Check out these places to have a short getaway from all the hustle and bustle around the city district, without having to enter the Orchard or Sentosa areas.

And if you’ve come to Singapore during this period, you’re just in time for some fun experiences inspired by the historical summit!

Bugis Junction

Want to experience the summit but don’t want to head to the crowded atmosphere of the chosen location?

Head down to Bugis Junction to catch a glimpse of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump themselves! Well, their impersonators that is.

With their spot-on actions and word play, these impersonators are truly making Bugis great again.

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Harmony Nasi Lemak

Are you visiting Singapore just in time with the summit? Try out local dishes such as the iconic chili crab, chicken rice and – let’s not forget nasi lemak.

Fuse those together with the Trump-Kim summit and you will get one of the most interesting food combinations found in Singapore.

Make your way to Harmony Nasi Lemak at Suntec City to try out their Trump-Kim-Chi dish for a taste of the summit.

It’s nasi lemak with a twist. The traditional dish is paired with dry aged beef and kimchi, making an unlikely but savoury pair for the all-Singaporean classic.

3-summit-inspired -places-3

Hopheads Craft Beer Bar and Bistro

Chill out and catch up on the Fifa World Cup at Hopheads Craft Beer Bar and Bistro near Fort Canning with some Trump-Kim summit inspired cocktails.

It takes two to tango – so have a drink of the “Bromance” Cocktail – a combo that represents both the US and North Korea.

Using an alcohol base of Asahi black beer, tequila and grape soju, this historical pair packs a punch.

3-summit-inspired -places-4


 Share a cocktail with a friend at Escobar with the “Trump” and “Kim” cocktail.

The cocktails are blue bourbon-based and red soju-based cocktails, making them vibrant and tasty.

The cocktails are also made with equal measurements to prevent arguments on which is stronger. No pun intended.

3-summit-inspired -places-5

There might not be a lot of places to go to during the summit but hey, it’s a huge historical event and it is a great pleasure to have Singapore host such an event. With all the tight security and tension, it’s nice to see local businesses taking it light-heartedly instead.

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