April 19, 2019

Dizi Gui (弟子规) : Lessons That Will Serve You for a Lifetime

Dizi Gui (弟子规) (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child) is an ancient Chinese text for children that teaches moral values and proper etiquette. It was written during the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (康熙帝) (1661-1722) by Li Yuxiu. Beneath the conservative, “old-school” verbose of this ancient classic, one can still

Good Vs. Evil in a Chinese Folktale

Good vs. evil in Chinese Folktal : Bringing Down a Demon Tyrant

Righteousness, or “yì”, is second of five cardinal Chinese virtues—the others being benevolence, courtesy, wisdom, and faith—first taught by Confucius and passed down in the centuries since. Incorporating such concepts as justice and loyalty, “yì” builds upon its preceding virtue, that of “rén,” or benevolence. While “rén” can be used to describe the most pure

K.STAR Karaoke

10 Coolest Themed Karaoke Rooms in Singapore Worth Visiting

Nothing inspires singing your best than having a great ambiance and interiors that are Instagram Worthy. Feel like a star in cool themed karaoke rooms and may your friends and family remember the event by taking pictures of these cool karaoke rooms for posterity.  The following are the best Karaoke Singapore experiences with theme rooms

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