April 11, 2019

Dizi Gui (弟子规): Persistence and Curiosity Maketh the Renaissance Man

宽为限,紧用功;工夫到,滞塞通。 读书计划可以定得宽松一点,但读书时要加紧用功;下的工夫够了,不懂的地方自然就明白了。 心有疑,随札记;就人问,求确义。 心里有疑问,就立刻做笔记;找人请教,寻求正确的意思。 I will give myself lots of time to study, but I will study hard. If I devote enough time and effort, I will thoroughly understand. When I have questions, I will write them down right away; that way I can ask others and learn the true meaning. Dizi Gui (Standards for

statue of Shang Yang.

The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Chinese Tyrant

While the social and spiritual teachings of Confucius are now synonymous with traditional Chinese society itself, the first imperial dynasty, the powerful Qin state (221 to 206 B.C.), employed the harsh ideology of legalism. According to the proponents of this strict form of governance, a monarch should seek to acquire as much political power as

5 Best Food Delivery Services in Singapore

“Where to eat?” – this is a question most Singaporeans will ask at least once a day. Instead of brainstorming for a “makan” place and end up queuing up for it, why not minimize the hustle and let your food be delivered straight to your doorstep? There are various food delivery services in Singapore nowadays.

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