Shopping at Daiso vs Value Dollar in Singapore

Daiso SG (Credit:Street Directory)
Daiso SG (Credit:Street Directory)
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With similar low price points and multiple branches scattered throughout Singapore, Daiso Japan and Value Dollar (Valu$) are a gem amidst the higher price points in regular malls and shops.

Although similarities can be drawn, there are also differences in these two stores one may not know. Here are some differences to take note of when you shop at either branch the next time round!

(Credit: Urban Outfitters)
(Credit: Urban Outfitters)

1. Stationery

Daiso carries an extensive range of DIY materials for cheap! Think of cat-shaped ramekins, a huge variety of wire racks, cardstock decorative paper- Daiso is a huge treasure trove to spice up your office or bedroom. We recommend getting washi tapes and wire racks to create a photo wall or mood board on a spare wall.

On the flipside, Valu$ carries basic stationery and some decorative materials. One advantage is their lower price point for basic items like glue, scissors, and pens. Their items cater to school children and office workers instead, who aren’t too fussy with the design or quality of the items.

In essence, Daiso is great at providing options for decorative or statement pieces, but Valu$ is great for supplementing the basics. Check both of them out when you’re embarking on your next DIY project!

(Credit: Pexels)
(Credit: Pexels)

2. Food

As expected of Daiso and Valu$, they have a reputation for carrying great yet affordable snacks.

Daiso sells some of the best Japanese snacks for only $2. We recommend the infamous Riska corn postage puffs and the Shimi chocolate stars – the fluffy yet decadent texture is sure to rock your socks off!

Daiso also has a knack for introducing more uncommon food products, like grab-and-go hot canned coffee and chocolate decorating pens for writing messages on cakes. Or, take a chance and try out their home brand salted candies!

For those looking for familiar brands, Valu$ has you covered! Doritos, chip dips, ribena and cadbury chocolate are just a small selection of the brands they carry. Valu$’s snacks come from different countries of origin, primarily from Southeast Asia or Europe. Be assured of quality and low prices when you buy them!

Go by your mood for the day, and shop for some awesome snacks for a quiet movie night in, or even a study session with your friends.

(Credit: Pexels)
(Credit: Pexels)

3. Difference Niches

Different stores have different specialties – and Daiso and Valu$ are no exception. Daiso is a Japanese chain store that specialises in providing a huge variety of unique items at a fixed price. On the other hand, Valu$ caters to no-frill shopping, stretching every dollar to its maximum potential.

To paint a picture, organisers are one of Daiso’s bestsellers. With aisles upon aisles of different organisers, Daiso has got you covered in sorting your house. Name a size or design you’d like your organisers to have – Daiso is likely to carry them. Customers are always guaranteed a fixed price and an extensive range!

On the other hand, Valu$ is likely to carry the basics of any product. The key is brevity over depth, offering just a few options of an item to allow space for other products to be displayed as well. Ranging from L’Oréal hair dyes to Preggo bolognese sauce, stay confident that you’re making full use of your dollars at Valu$.

(Credit: disneygeek)
(Credit: disneygeek)

4. Special Collaborations in Daiso

Ever stopped by Daiso and seen their Disney collection? Specially offered only in Daiso, their adorable and official range of Disney merchandise is also useful in your everyday life. From shoe soles to makeup brushes, Daiso is also catering to customers who aren’t just looking for basic-looking products.

So far, Daiso has offered Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, Winnie the Pooh collaborations and many more. They make great stocking stuffers or small favours for your special ones.

One minor note of these collaborations is that they are usually smaller or made from materials that aren’t as good as the regular ones. Compare between the various options and weigh the trade-offs! Who knows, you might even prefer the items at Valu$.

(Credit: sharlynnng)
(Credit: sharlynnng)

5. Beauty

Another cult favourite, Daiso beauty has been hitting the mark for affordable makeup for makeup junkies! They have all the products for a full face of any look, even if it’s for more outrageous occasions like Halloween. We recommend picking up some of the Miche Bloomin x Daiso collaboration eyelashes for a natural yet upgraded makeup look!

Not wanting to miss out, Valu$ also carries affordable beauty brands like Pond’s and Olay. You’re more likely to be familiar with the brands of facial wash, deodorants and shampoo that Valu$ offers. Pick up some great steals like $1 Lux body wash and Pantene shampoo!

We highly recommend those looking for budget steals to check out Valu$ for personal hygiene products, and Daiso for cosmetic products!

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