5 Alternatives to Moisturizer When The Weather is Hot and Humid

alternatives to moisturizer
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By Vibrant Dot Staff

Located just above the equator, we experience the typical tropical climate all year round, where the weather stays hot and humid. Especially when the heat wave hits, our usual cream type moisturizer might seem too heavy, leavi ng a tacky layer that sits on top of the skin. We might as well skip the skincare routine altogether. Can you relate?

The good news is that there are other ways to pamper your skin on those days when you want to look glowy yet not sweaty. Read on for five alternatives to moisturizer and see if it fits your skin condition.

Why not try… a 2-in-1 primer with moisturizing effect.

Hanskin Primer Moisturizer
Hanskin Primer Moisturizer (Credit: Hanskin)

We learned that layering too many skincare products can cause make up to take a longer time to set. Don’t set yourself up for a 10-step skincare routine with 10 different products. With less products on the skin, it will be able to breathe better. Be efficient and effective and opt for products that have multi-functions. For instance, go for a light moisturizer and primer in one to cut down the layering process.

Containing squalane, ceramides, polypeptides and hyaluronic acid, Hanskin’s Vstra Toning Water-Radiance Cream moisturizes, smoothens and preps the skin in just one step. Besides, as a bonus, this product contains skin barrier strengthening and anti-aging properties.

missha serum
Missha Serum (Credit: beyonlab.net)

Another product you can look into is MISSHA’s Glow Skin Balm. This product not only provides long lasting skin moisture that will last you the day, it also gives a gleaming skin base for those who are after the “glass skin” effect.

2. Why not try… a lightweight balancing serum / ampoule.

Thinking of skipping moisturizer if you have oilier or acne-prone skin? Think again, because avoiding moisturizer all together might worsen the situation. Finding the right hydrating skincare product and applying the right amount not only reduces your skin’s oily appearance, but also calms skin redness that is derived from external irritation.

For instance, Laneige’s Fresh Calming Balancing Serum is not only lightweight in texture, but also provides supple skin moisture with star ingredients like lychee extract (anti-oxidant and soothing) and deep seawater (strengthen skin’s moisture barrier).

Laneige serum
Laneige serum (Credit: Laneige)


Madagascar Ampoule
Madagascar Ampoule (Credit: pre_putriayu@Instagram)

Although Skin1004’s Madagascar Centella-Asiatica 100 Ampoule is a lightweight ampoule, don’t underestimate its hydrating ability. This product contains asiaticoside (improves water to oil balance of the skin), asiatic acid (strengthens skin barrier) and madecassic acid (relieves and repairs damaged skin) that is sufficient to replace a cream moisturizer. Recommended for combination to oily skin type.

3. Why not try… a morning sheet mask.

Don’t be restricted to thinking that sheet masking is only for your nighttime skincare routine. A quick 3 to 5 minutes intensive mask in your morning routine can easily beat a moisturizer with better and deeper skin absorption.

elf mask
elf mask (Credit: e.l.f )

Particularly, E.L.F. Cosmetics’ Pore Refining Primer Mask is specifically designed to tackle puffiness, lackluster skin, and dryness after sleep. With its fast-acting formulation, it only takes five minutes to create a more refined and smoother skin for makeup.

saborino mask
Saborino Mask (Credit: Guardian)

BCL’s Saborino Morning Facial Sheet Mask only takes 60 seconds to cleanse, tone, brighten and prime your skin, without leaving stickiness or greasiness. This sheet mask is a total win for those who are always on-the-go. Plus, it has this refreshing fruity scent to wake up the senses on those tired mornings.

Bonus point: Store sheet masks in the refrigerator beforehand. They will have a better skin cooling effect, which your skin will thank you for, especially in this hot weather.

4. Why not try… a 2-in-1 hydrating SPF combo.

Some will tell you that they hate to apply sunscreen because it leaves the skin sticky and slippery, or they often feel like the skin is being wrapped by an invisible seal. Let alone applying sunscreen on top of essence, serum and emulsion, you would probably be sweating already before stepping out of your house.

Biore Essence
Biore Essence (Credit: Guardian)

Biore’s UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ is a non-sticky, light watery essence that gives a moisturizing and refreshing sensation for daily UV protection without leaving a white cast. Thanks to moisturizing ingredients like royal jelly, hyaluronic acid and mix citrus essence that help in keeping the skin hydrated the whole day. Also, with its new and improved formulation, the sunscreen is now more resistant towards sweat and water.

Klairs Essence
Klairs Essence (Credit: klairs.sg@Instagram)

Besides, the Klairs’ Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA++++ is an everyday sun protector, even for sensitive skin. It is water-based and its gel-type texture gives a soft weightless finish, without leaving any greasiness or white cast. Its hydrating properties come from Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil (aka Sea Buckthorn Oil), which is referred to as “Vitamin Tree Oil” in the Korean cosmetic industry.

5. Why not try… a facial mist.

In your AM routine, you can always go light with your moisturizer and layer it with facial mist during the day whenever you see fit. Nowadays facial mists are packaged in petite designs which is very handbag-friendly. If it so happens that your favourite facial mist doesn’t come in smaller packaging, you can always decant it to a travel kit spray. You will find facial mist your best friend after walking under the sun.

mamonde mist
Mamonde Mist (Credit: Mamonde )

Mamonde’s Rose Water Mist is not just another ordinary facial mist. It contains 100% Damask distilled rose water that helps to soothe, hydrate and leave the skin feeling dewy. Use this as a toner, a face mist or even a makeup fixer to set your makeup. It is a big bonus point for those who love rose scents, because its aromatherapy healing scent would definitely freshen up a long and tired day.

Eucerin Mist Spray
Eucerin Mist Spray (Credit: pickwhatyouneed@Instagram)

Eucerin’s Aquaporin Mist Spray contains hyaluronic acid and Gluco Glycerol to facilitate instant and long lasting skin hydration. Better known for its fine mist, this facial mist is comfortable to wear on the skin and easily absorbed into the skin, leaving your skin radiant and fresh.

The above mentioned products are provided for your reference only. Feel free to consult a dermatologist to understand your skin condition better. We hope you will find the alternative that suits your skin best.

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