July 25, 2020

3 Traditional Methods to Prevent Hair Loss

Produced by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) Young people can also suffer from hair loss. A young man once asked me, “My father and grandfather are bald, will I also be bald?” This is possible. So how can you avoid baldness? Does baldness run in the family? If you see a receding hairline on both

Nikola Tesla

FBI Report: Nikola Tesla, Inventor of Wireless Technology, an Alien From Venus

Is the movie “Men in Black” or “Transformers” based on a real-life event? The FBI’s recently declassified document revealed that Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant and prolific inventors known, came from Venus. Namely, he was an extraterrestrial. Tesla’s scientific creations were considered 300 to 1,000 years ahead of his time; all his creations

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