July 4, 2019

Singapore’s Cashless Payment Landscape

Who Will Dominate Singapore’s Cashless Payment Landscape? 

“Hi Cindy. Can you transfer some e-angpow to my WeChat account?” My friend Tony’s message suddenly popped up on my phone screen. He went to Guangzhou not long ago and we mainly communicated via WeChat as WhatsApp does not work very well there. “What? But I don’t have any bankcards linked up with my WeChat.

Korean skincare

10-step Korean skincare routine: What is it and how to do it?

When you are watching Korean dramas, have you ever wondered why they have such flawless and youthful skin? In real life, many of them don’t look like their age even without makeup. Well, it is not a secret that Koreans are culturally obsessed with healthy skincare nationwide, be it men or women. The 10-step routine

Don Don Donki

17 Japanese Experiences You Can Get in Orchard Central

Japan is one of those countries you long to return to, even if you’ve only been there once. There’s just something about its culture, the way of life there and the people that make Japan the great traveling destination it is. If your next trip back to Japan still seems a long way off, fret

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