May 10, 2019

Three Character Classic (三字经) – The Ten Obligations: Managing Life’s Various Roles Well

By Jade Pearce, The Three Character Classic, or San Zi Jing (三字经), is the best known classic Chinese text for children. Written by Wang Yinlian (1223–1296) during the Song Dynasty, it has been memorised by generations of Chinese, both young and old. Confucius Quote: 高曾祖,父而身。 身而子,子而孙。 自子孙,至元曾。 乃九族,而之伦。 父子恩,夫妇从。 兄则友,弟则恭。 长幼序,友与朋。君则敬,臣则忠。 此十义,人所同。 Great great grandfather, great grandfather, grandfather, father and self,

Dr Hu Naiwen

Dr Hu Naiwen: Seeking Wisdom From Traditional Chinese Medicine

By Vibrant Dot Staff Our modern, sedentary lifestyle has placed us at an increased risk of chronic diseases. But can we control or even prevent their onset? These questions and more were addressed at a health talk on chronic diseases organised by the Epoch Times (Chinese edition), which was held on 2 July 2016 at

24-year-old Bangladeshi poet and migrant construction worker Md Mukul Hossine.

Home Away From Home: Me Migrant

Md Mukul Hossine, who hails from Patgram, Bangladesh, is a migrant worker in Singapore. The published writer holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences and has been working as a construction worker since 2008. His parents, who are farmers, had sold everything they had to send him to Singapore to pursue a better life. Working

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