April 4, 2019

Zisi (Chinese: 子思; c. 481–402 BCE),

Graciously Listening to Suggestions and Criticism 

Zisi (子思) (481–402 B.C.)was the grandson and disciple of Confucius, who  served as advisor to the King of Wei. During his service, Zisi noticed that whenever the King made less-than-ideal decisions, all his ministers would still condone it. So he remarked to the royal court, “The King of Wei does not conduct himself like a


Penang—The Isle of the Betel Nut

Penang, also called Pulau Pinang (Isle of the Betel Nut), derives its name from the plentiful betel nut palms lining its sandy beaches. A melting pot of cultures, this ‘Pearl of the Orient’ still retains its old-school charm and remains a favourite destination for many Singaporeans. Penang Street Art in Georgetown Hunting down the numerous

Bao Zheng was a Song Dynasty magistrate legendary for his filial piety, stern manner, impartial judgments, and intolerance of corruption and injustice. In various forms of popular culture, he is often portrayed with a stern black face and a light crescent-shaped birthmark on his forehead.

Bao Zheng: Symbol of Justice and Fairness

Bao Zheng (A.D. 999–1062) was a well-known official and judge in the Northern Song Dynasty. During his service, he fought vigorously against corruption, solved many complicated cases, and punished corrupt governors, abusive relatives of high-ranking officials, and crafty businessmen. Bao won wide respect and popularity from the people in the regions he served. His uprightness,

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