April 2, 2019


Discover Croatia—A Day in Dubrovnik

If you love the sun and the sea, Croatia is the country to go to. This untouched Adriatic beauty is Europe’s fastest growing tourist destination. Believe it or not, you needn’t worry about pickpockets in Croatia. Despite the devastating war in the 1990s, this former state of Yugoslavia is probably one of the safest country

Singaporean Boy on a Mission To Save Orphans In China

Singaporean Boy on a Mission to Save Orphans in China

A  mission to save orphans? You can call it  remarkable, or even heroic, perhaps? On June 1, Singapore representative for this incredible mission – Borong Tsai – chose to forgo his summer holidays for a larger purpose. Normally, Borong likes to play music and draw, but this summer, he and 29 other teens from over


A Young Entrepreneur Who’s ‘Chief Everything Officer’

Unlike many youths who depend on their parents to pay for their university tuition fees, Zhao Dexin has not taken a cent from his parents since leaving junior college. The 26-year-old graduate from National University of Singapore (NUS) Engineering School started his own business – Imperio Trading LLP – in March 2010, the same year

The Grand Central Terminal.

The Grand Central Terminal and Mozart

The Grand Central Terminal is the most beautiful Beaux-Arts architecture and historic landmark in New York. Early this summer, I finally had the opportunity to visit  the terminal on my fourth visit to the city. After Grand Central began playing classical music over its audio system, its crime rate dropped by 33 percent. I was

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